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I was just doing my imitation of Mystery! Weesnaw! "Well, keep working on it. That was terrible."


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So any samaels mercy coming up?

Free Guide to being <<cool>>
It works one hundred percent or you don't follow me...

Sun gives Light to the Moon, please?:fluttershysad:

hey myyyystery do have an editor I could borrow? or could you suggest one? I am working on a new fanfic and I was wondering if you knew a guy that i could talk to.

2216653 Thanks, mate. I'm a total tryhard at being a writer. :raritywink:

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So, I've been neglecting my writing. BUT. I wrote a thing. · 8:37am February 14th

I know, I know, I've been rather inactive on Fimfic as of late, mainly due to circumstances beyond my control. I've been trying to get back into my writing, though! I've even written a very dumb one-shot for Valentine's Day. It's been sent to Zephyr for editting. Minor spoilers after the break.

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