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The ride has finally ended. It was fun while it lasted.

Questions that I ask myself.

Can anyone ever have a conversation with Stranglove WITHOUT him having a gigantic stick up his ass?

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2136686 as soon as I loaded it

and okay then, go to bed ya silly woman :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

2136683 How bad was bad? At what point did you absolutely know that you made a terrible purchase? Was it a chunk of story, your character falling though the world, bad voice acting?

Uh... not to be a buzz kill, but it's 6:13am in Pacific Time. I haven't been to bed yet.

2136679 Just be glad you didn't waste your money :pinkiesick: it was terrible

2136677 Never played Colonial Marines myself, but I heard it boiled everybody's piss. Glitchy as hell, with a dishonest trailer of a "vertical slice" presented at E3. I can't remember the other shady things Colonial Marines did, but I remember thinking it was a lot.

2136674 hahaha it's alright we al have things like that

This sentence will explain everything without a giant paragraph: Aliens Colonial Marines. :pinkiesick:

also that was a very suggestive way of asking me, you do realise we are still on your husbands page right :ajsmug:

  • Viewing 147 - 151 of 151
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