Every once and a while, I'll be posting a thread about things you shouldn't do when creating a story.
Seriously, I'm gonna point out a lot of things that you've probably done before.
So don't do them again. Please.

If you have a story that has done something I've said not to do, post it in the main folder for all to see.

Please post your failures in this group, stories that you've written or are ashamed to have written; awful, good for nothing, terrible pieces of crap. Also, please post your stories, I don't want other peoples' work that you think is bad.

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368255 It is not meant in that way.
It is meant for us to accept our own mistakes and attempt to fix our own problems from others' examples.
But I can see how you can get that idea.

When I first came to this group I thought Ok. Time to put my story in this group. But then I read the forums and to my surprise, my story doesn't fit in this group at all. But then I noticed that this is a down voting group. Why Elusive Phoenix would you make a group that get's other people/ponies stories down voted? I mean this group is perfect for people to find and down vote stories.

I am terrible at fanfiction, so I like this group already.

I have a suggestion for what not to do in a fanfiction.
How about "Not every shipping fanfiction title has to have part of both ponies names or cutie marks in it"?
I feel like most writers here have the tendency to write a decent fanfiction and then realize they don't have any ideas for a title, so they just go "Oh let's see. I'm writing a Vinyl Scratch x Octavia fanfiction, so I'll call it...'Octaves and Scratches'!! Brilliant!!!" or "Hmmm this is going to be a Rarity x Fluttershy fanfiction, so obviously the title should be 'butterlies and diamonds'".
I'm not saying you can never use a title like this, but the whole thing is just way overused and it rarely makes sense. Unless it has relevance to the actual story, it's just not a creative idea.

317361 Yes; actually, I encourage it!:pinkiehappy::rainbowwild:

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