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Your not crazy. What you are seeing is real. This is a fan group for the most unappreciated films of all time. The Star Wars prequels.

I am tired of elites hipster snobs belittling the true fans of Star Wars who were able too look past their flaws and find enjoyment as I have and still do. Most of the Redletter media complaints except the protagonist issue in one never really crossed my mind until after his review. If plinkett so versed in "proper story telling", he should make his own space opera that's better than either trilogy instead of choking on pizza rolls and raping kittens.

Don't be afraid of trolls. I'm going to have lot's of admins to make sure that personnel attacks against users are delt with. There will be debate forums for people who would like to debate the cinematic merit of either trilogy (there both flawed but wonderful in their own ways.)

Check the forums for a free link to watch episode III, one of my favorite films of all time.

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396852 That's not my fault. FiM has hundreds of groups that don't necessarily relate back to ponies. If you like I can go through my faves and add the General Generous story a friend of my wrote.

396738 Where? All I've seen is prequel fanboying. Are you are talking about the stories button because it says that you have no stories on it.

393013 We have a star wars crossover folder.

How in the hell does this forum has anything to do with ponies? Its fine if you like the prequels but this is a sight about ponies. Every thread I've seen is prequel fan-boying. So I ask why is this even here? You have other sight made for this kind of stuff take it there!


Finally, an entire group of people that doesn't act like a bunch of snarling, foaming animals when you mention the Star Wars prequels!

And they're all Bronies! Who knew, right?! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

the prequels sort of evolved.
Episode 1: Ok.... Wheres Vader?
Episdoe 2: OK, interesting.


The midichlorians were, frankly, just a minor plot device to give the Jedi a way to quantifiably measure Force potential. Because Qui-Gon couldn't just take Anakin halfway across the galaxy, present him to the council and go: "I have a really good feeling about this kid. Seriously, I think the Force might be pretty strong in him."

Everyone misunderstands how the midichlorians work, anyway. It's not like they create the Force. They're just a medium that allows biological life-forms to interact with the Force in the first place, while explaining why some are better at it than others.

Kinda like how unicorn horns probably don't generate magic, but rather work as a natural magic transmitter. The only difference is that horns are seen as more mystical than cellular biology, on average.

331386 Alot of the nick picks are pretty stupid. Like the whole midecorions thing didn't take away from force as a spiritual thing. While the film didn't really need them, the lore didn't really destroy what the force is. In fact, their not really mentioned all that much sept in Episode I.


I so don't care which of them shot first. It's such a meaningless thing to obsess about that it boggles my mind people even take it seriously. (See also: Equestria Girl, Flash Sentry.)

The only reason the original scene is better is because the new one makes Greedo the officially worst shot in the universe by somehow managing to miss a grown man, sitting completely still, from half a meter away, while keeping his gun aimed at him the whole time. A blind man could have nailed that shot. And this guy was a professional bounty hunter?

But yeah, it's a pretty stupid thing to nerdrage about.

episode III, one of my favorite films of all time.

:rainbowkiss: Hell yes.

331297 He choked a man over the T.V.

That is the only argument I need :twilightsmile:

331325 Cause he spwaned the "who shot first" conundrum.

FYI: it was Han. Was a very pointless change.

Oh, you guys are so silly.

Obviously Greedo was best villain.



That is all.


Vader is iconic, but honestly, I find him a bit boring. "Oooh, I choke people because I am dark and evil, and I'm super-serious all the time because I have a tragic past! Fear my ominousness!"

Now Grievous, he's actually pretty entertaining in a mustache-twirling Snidely Whiplash kind-of way. Also, he was a way better cyborg than Vader, which is actually kinda weird. Seriously, Anakin should have just asked Palpatine to stick him in Grievous's old body.

I also rather liked Dooku, mostly because of how incredibly flippant he was all the time. Unless you were freaking Yoda, he seriously didn't give a shit. Plus, you know, he actually cracked jokes once in a while.

331290 Objection. The Emperor is best villain with Darth Vader in second. Anyone blow them would either be Fett, Maul, or Grievous. I really like General Tarkin from Episode IV myself. The only man strong enough to keep Darth Vader in line for some reason.

331288 Fervidor, I'm real happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but...


Joined out of solidarity, if nothing else.

Also: General Greivous is one of the best villains of all time.


Yeah. I want to, but it's been so long since we've seen them, we'd have to watch them again (I don't mind!). We just saw Episode 4.

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