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Hello there! It seems you've stumbled upon the Brony Discussion Center (BDC for short, if you want), a group whose sole purpose is discussion and debate within the Fimfiction community!

Wanna talk about pony? We gotcha covered like chocolate fudge on an ice cream sundae. Feel the need to discuss anything not-pony? We also gotcha covered—like a lovely roast chicken drenched in gravy.

Food aside, if you want to open up a discussion about anything, then this is the place for you. We encourage friendly and respectful debate between our members because we believe that sort of thing is very healthy for the mind.

So make like Twilight and begin discussing things!

... I guess we need to talk about getting a better picture for this thing.

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I had a thought what would that picture look like as brutalight sparcake:pinkiecrazy:

Here's joooohnyyyy.

Sorry, novablast.

Also, that picture looks amazingly awkward

That picture reminds me of equestria girls but it could be more epic

Wat up bronies

Might as well see how this goes.:twilightsmile:

Im new here.............that is all.

Reminds me of Equestria Girls.

so , yeah that is good picture whats up bronies

Might as well jump in :twilightsheepish:

LOVE that picture. XD

Best possible picture.

Let's talk pony:moustache:

Oh I am in!

That picture though.
It stays or I hunt you down and throw a pie at you! :moustache:

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