¿Why do ponies like this SWINO (Star Wars In Name Only)? It does not happen in the same Universe:

Not only does this movie reject the extended universe, but it cannot even be said to take place in an alternate future after the movies but takes place in a little claustrophobic universe:

The Universe of the Original 6 Movies is a big Universe with over a billion inhabited worlds, in a galaxy with 100 billion stars, with about 1 trillion uninhabitable worlds orbiting those stars. The average inhabited wold has a population of trillion (100 times the population of Earth) and the City-World of Coruscant has a population of 1 quadrillion (100, thousand times the population of Earth). The total population of the Galaxy is 1 Sextillion sentient organics and about as many sentient droids.

Swino takes place in a little universe with little stars with little planets. One can see clear across the Galaxy to see what happens in real time from the surface of any planet, during the day. The map in BB 8 and R2D2, show a galaxy with about a thousand stars.

In Star Wars Episodes # Ⅱ & Ⅲ show maps of the Galaxy with so many stars that they look like a cloud. Magnified regions show stars like dust. Globular clusters in orbit around the Galaxy have over a million stars each, or about a thousand times as many stars as the map R2D2 and BB8 show in Swino, yet globular clusters are just fluff in orbit around the galaxy.

In the universe of Swino, Rey, with no instruction, figures out the force, which took her father and grand father 3 movies each of instruction to do.

We have baddies on an Imperator-Class Stardestroyer, lead by a baddy wearing a mask, looking for an astromechdroid on a desert. A Forcesenative person rescues the Astromechdroid. The baddies make a planetdestroying superweapon. That is the plot of Star Wars Episode # Ⅳ: A New Hope. Swino is not just a Swino, but a bad remake of a good movie.

The characterization is just awful and inconsistent. I can summarize it with 1 example:

Fin defects from the Stortroopers because he does not want to kill. I have no trouble with this. I also have no trouble with him killing later in self-defense and defense of others; as Malcolm Reynolds says, "¡If someone tries to kill you, try to kill them right back!". I find him murdering his friends and colleges, with whom he trained for years, for no discernible reason, problematic:

He and the the Resitencepilot steal a TIEFighter for escaping. It has a tether attached to one of its radiatorpanels. Finn has to shoot the tether for freeing the Tiefighter. While he is at it, he massacres murders as many of his friends as he can, for no reason.

Characterization goes downhill from that point onward with twentysomething generals (it takes decades to move up the ranks) in the leadership of the First order, acting like manchildren instead of military-officers. I find it hard to believe that these manchildren managed to build a superweapon.

The name Resistance makes no sense:

I get that after the death of the Emperor, the Empire descended into civil war as every Moff, General, Admiral, and Commodore fought to be the new Emperor. 1 of the Factions called itself the First Order. The faction the First Order evidently won the civil war. I can see the leaders of the faction the First Order keeping name the First Order. I have trouble with the name the First Order. I do have trouble with the name Resistance:

The Alliance for Restoring the Republic, took advantage of the Imperial Civil War for founding a new Republic. No country calls its military the Resistance. Usually, citizens of the Military of the Republic just the military. When they need to distinguish it from other militaries, they would call it the Military of the Republic.

“They wanted to do a retro movie,” Lucas said. “I don’t like that. Every movie I work very hard to make them completely different, with different planets, with different spaceships, make it new.”
George Lucas

George Lucas started to say this before he caught himself:

“I sold [Star Wars] to the white slavers that take these things, and…”
George Lucas

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Thanks. The Force Awakens was a huge disappointment. I was already angry about the Expanded Universe being demoted to non-canon status, but I was willing to give it a chance. It didn't fail to disappoint me.:twilightangry2:



Enjoy the threads in our Forum, start new threads, checkout, and add stories.

Finally, I have found people who feel the same way about "The FARCE Awakens"


Certainly. I was about to do it myself, but I shall let you do it as your 1st use of your power.

406472 Thanks :twilightsmile: Is it alright to make my best friend The Bosnian Brony an admin too?


¡Guess who is an admin now! ¡You are!


¡This is not my group! ¡This is our group!

406452 I'll try to recruit more members to your group

406450 And that is why The Star Wars Holiday Special will always be better than The Farce Awakens


Like I wrote, TSWHS had its moment and that moment is Boba Fett.

406446 He was so awesome riding that dinosaur in The Star Wars Holiday Special

406444 That is very sad news :fluttercry:


The Holiday Special had its problems (no budget, no time to polish the script, no time for filming, no time for editing, et cetera). This lead to it being generally low quality, but it had its moment:

¡Boba Fett!

I check the spelling, and today, the family of Jason Wingreen, who voiced Boba Fett in the Original Trilogy, announced his death.

406442 I legitimately believe that even The Star Wars Holiday Special is better than The Farce Awakens. I notice a lot of people saying nice things about the Prequel Trilogy after seeing The Farce Awakens. There is one big Youtuber who not only praised The Farce Awakens but he insulted people like us and even sang that "Let It Go" song from Frozen while doing it.


I agree that it is a terrible pile of horseapples, but let us not get carried away:

When evaluating alleged conspiracies, one must look at the plausibility of the claim and the evidence of the claim. Although it is plausible that top-reviewers got bribes, and quite a few of the reviews on ordinary ponies could be astroturf, It seems likely that most positive reviews are guinuine. ¿Why would all of these morons like such an awful movies?:

They are desperate for Star Wars. They want to like the movie so much that they see it through rose-colored glasses. This is after all, the 1st Star Wars in a decade. They want to believe. It is like OT # 3 in Scientology:

If one tells the story of Xenu to random ponies, they laugh; but unfortunately however, by the time Scientologists have literally invested enough to make it through OT# 2, (Scientology is a pay-to-play religion), they are so invested that they believe that OT # 3 is the greatest thing ever. Most ponies claiming to like the movie are like Scientologists introduced to OT # 3.

Although many ponies will continue to wear rose-colored glasses until they die, many will realize that this is a bad remake of ANH, taking place in a little universe, a fraction of the size of the real universe of Star Wars. This could lead to a well-needed reconsideration of the prequels:

When George Lucas created the Original Trilogy, he was limited by time, technology, and budget. He did not have these limitations for the Phantom Menace. He went overboard on Special Effects, which made the movie so cluttered that it is hard to follow the plot. Phantom Menace is a legitimately bad movie (I recommend the Phantom Edit which is an unauthorized reedit of the movie made from ripping the original movie from DVD and editing out as much clutter as feasible).

George Lucas learned his leason and did not clutter Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Unfortunately, it became the in-thing to do to bash all 3 Prequels. I have no patience for Hipster-Hate. I said it before and I shall say it again:

¡Episodes # Ⅱ & Ⅲ are as good as movies in the Original Trilogy!

If I had to rank the movies, I do it thus; plus, O shall also rate them on a scale of 00 to 10 with 00 bing the worst movie and 10 being the best:

1. Star Wars Episode # Ⅴ: The Empire Strikes Back (10/10)
2. Star Wars Episode # Ⅲ: Revenge Of The Sith (09/10)
3. Star Wars Episode # Ⅳ: A New Hope (08/10)
4. Star Wars Episode # Ⅱ: Attack Of The Clones (07/10)
5. Star Wars Episode # Ⅵ: Return Of the Jedi (06/10)
6. Star Wars Episode # Ⅰ: The Phantom Menace (03/10)
7. Star Wars Episode # Ⅶ: The Force Awakens (00/10)

Star Wars Episode # Ⅰ: The Phantom Menace is pretty bad, the other Prequels are about as good as the Original Trilogy, and Star Wars Episode # Ⅶ: The Force Awakens is a stinking pile of horseapples.

406415 I have no idea. The Farce Awakens is a plothole wrapped in another plothole. All those who give positive reviews to The Farce Awakens and demonise people like us are clearly in Disney's payroll.

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