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This is group dedicated to Tim Burton's two masterpieces Batman 89 and Batman Returns. You can post stories inspired by these two movies here and have discussions about them.

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Also, I must share this dream someone on tumblr said they had about Danny Devito as the Penguin:

I once had a dream I was a mole man who lived in an underground cave system and Danny devito lived there too. So he kicks off one day and chases me around the tunnels waving a fish. Terrifying.

Yes I do recognise your avatar. Thanks for joining my group. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to check out the forum threads.

I believe you all recognize my profile pic :3
It being related to this group :3

406455 I hope you like it here :twilightsmile: Be sure to check out the forum threads.

ah Tim Burton, the man who brought us the start of Batman.................it still hasn't stopped.

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