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W E L C O M E !
Hello, everyone! Welcome to "Heroes & Villains of the EQG World"! This is a group that was made to explore and create our own versions of the whole rest of the EQG world apart from what we've already seen of it!

This is a group where you can introduce a vigilante that stalks the streets of Canterlot City or an ingenious killer smarter than Steven Hawking! This is where you can introduce an honest cop with nothing left to lose or a foul cop with everything someone could ask for! This is where you can introduce kids with big hearts or bullies!

This is the group where you can put stories with things like that! They can be about the hero or the villain, the rich or the poor, the corrupt and the pure, or anything!

There are rules, though! Rules are important, as boring and unfair as they might seem.

1.) NO CLOP! Gore is fine, but CLOP is not allowed! There can still be a sex tag when you add a story, but it can NOT be clop! Adding clop to any of the folders will result in a removal of the story from the group, and a ban from the group. Clop is incredibly controversial sometimes, and I want to avoid that.
2.) Don't be rude to other people in this group! By rude, I mean sincerely rude! You can be ironically rude, but not sincerely rude! Irony is one thing, but when you actually mean it, it's a whole different story. You're either playing around with someone or you're insulting someone because you don't like them. Criticism is fine, though.
3.) For everyone's sake, be reasonable.

This group will be updated sometimes. If you feel that a rule should be added or removed, send me a PM telling me which one and a detailed explanation of why it should be added or removed.

Thank you, and thank you again.


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