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So, I got a fresh account... · 7:17pm Jul 26th, 2018

Yeah, ya read it right. Long story short, I've mostly been using my PC nowadays, and I honestly forgot the info for this account. So, I made this new profile so I can actually talk to everyone again. And, I can't say I don't want sort of a fresh start on here, it's been messy no doubt... but not messy enough to forget about anyone who reads this.
Plus, I might actually get to those lofty stories I always said I'd do.
Let's go. To new horizons, and all that shit.

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That shit's the shit I say
Why ya gotta say the shit that I say, say to me this


Because I stumbled on it, liked the sheep photo, boyo.

Alright, what is this cancer we're spewing?
Why'd ya even comment on my profile boi?


And truly, you are one yourself, selecting such a refined, eloquent picture to be thine avatar.

Truly, you are a man of refined stature, one who knows to appreciate fine art such as my avatar

  • Viewing 557 - 561 of 561
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