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And no this is not a group dedicated to the movie Dazed And Confused..but it could be

Anyway this is a place for those of you who have no idea whats going on half the time. Always left out of the loop and never told anything

-Example- one of your friends get banned or leaves the site and you have no idea why they were banned or why they left but the people that do know just refuse to tell you what happened and your left confused as fuck and with allot of unanswered questions or when the site gets updates and it changes up all your stuff and you just sit there saying what the fuck is this
then you gotta find all that shit out again GOD DAMN IT KNIGHTY!!!

So why not just bask in our confusion together.:derpytongue2:

oh yeah one more thing

sorry just trying to get the confusion train rolling

-rules and other things will be established on a later date......what do i mean by that......i mean more stuff will be done when i get people to help get this stuff done.

~Admins: Dark Reaper, Black Ultron. You may PM us if you have any questions about the group, but please don't spam our in-boxes thank you.

.....hit the music!!!

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I can see why this group is trending. I'm always confused. :derpytongue2:

I have a group called Bronies for Life and I'm looking for new members. If you are interested, just tap the link. Thank you!

391221 who you calling lovable!

I don't even remember what fandom I'm in half of the time, all I know is that I'm surrounded by lovable idiots.

And here we see one of Fimficrion's many trendy groups: Dazed and Confused, a group dedicated to Mathew McConahay.

391056 i vote we offer knighty as a sacrifice

Congratulations! This group was found to be fresh. With that, a listing in New Groups was secured.

391042 Oh great Taco Goddess Sonata!
We are forever thankful for this marvelous gift!
Please let us return the favor with our sacrifice!

391053 ... Okay...

391052 no don't kill it yet

391051 Now all that's left is to slaughter the group...

391050 we just slaughtered the whole point of the group

391049 More like slaughtered the shit outta it...

391048 well damn we killed the confusion

391047 That's what i meant, if youz was more depressed and whatnot. That yous was fucked up... I already knew.

391046 i'm fucked up already lol i was in more of a depressed state

391045 Wait... Were ya?
I'm kinda confoozled about that too, if ya ain't noticed.

391044 fucked up?..........lol okay

391043 I found ot eventually. The problem was that no one was tellin' me jack shite about it for a lil' while. And i sure as hell wasn't gonna ask you what happened, you were kinda sorta fucked up... I think?
Anyways, classic confusion, if i do say so meself.

  • Viewing 35 - 54 of 54
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