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Hazel Bell

A true friend is the one who see's the pain in your eyes, while others believe your smile.

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Those are my most bestest friends that ill treasure forever. I love you all!

My dog, Hotchi


Name: You don't need to know.
Gender: I hope you figured that out by now, but female.
Age: You don't need to know.
Favorite pony: Luna/Diamond Tiara (even before she was reformed.)
Second favorite: Pinkie Pie/ Maud.
Likes: Skiing, Horseback Riding, MLP, Arguing (debating, really.), Winning, Drawing, Writing, Chatting.
Dislikes: People who are OBVIOUSLY wrong but deny it. Even when they know they're wrong, they either stop the conversation are just plain tell me i'm rude. Just accept that i'm right, (:yay:) <---Insert swear.
Personality: Blunt, but caring. stern, but loving. Has a temper she is trying her hardest to control. Full fledged psychopath.
Favorite People: Icy, 16, Dashie (those are nicknames) Family. I have a whole lot more, but it'd take days to read, and not to mention write.
Favorite Song: Hmm thats a toughie. I'll list a few; Should've been us(Tori Kelly), Rainbow factory, Nightmare night, Lullaby for a princess, Almost every Friendship is Witchcraft song, Pony I wanna be, Smile song, Bombshell Blonde (Owl City), ect.
Favorite food: Geez, I'm picky. Au Juice?
Least Favorite food: CASSEROLE. MUSHROOMS. Casserole has a yucky name and it's all thrown together-ugh... Mushrooms make me gag.

Drawing Requests.

I dunno if you like my art, but i take drawing requests.

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Wow... it's been such a long time. Why were you banned in the first place? If it was because you were too young, you're probably at least 13 now, so... here's hoping that you come back on.


*sends missing persons report to the FBI*

*coughs blood*

Here's for hoping you come back:fluttercry:

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