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Hazel Bell

A true friend is the one who see's the pain in your eyes, while others believe your smile.

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From giving out lemons to bucking all those apples from that bucking tree. Backround ponies have to do something that the mane six don't do. And trust me, it's hard. But they come up with ideas

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Meet Sapphire Swirl, A strict shop owner who has quite a temper. She is very skilled. Running a bakery for the upper-class ponies requires it.

Now meet Hazel Bell, a pony who doesn't Really belong anywhere. A stubborn, Fiery Filly, an outcast.

They don't sound like a very likely team, but as the city is crumbling around them, they need to find a connection.

Yes, I'm aware that i have put an oc in my story. If she turns into a Mary sue, please do not get mad. Also, i may add tags as i go along, because I'm not exactly sure how this will turn out.
Also, any Mean comments (A.K.A Criticism) is not welcome. You see, here at Hazel Bell studios it is a peaceful environment. Just kidding. DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.

Chapters (2)