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After a freak accident, Princess Celestia finds herself in a whole new universe. As she seeks a way home, she is captured by none other than Team Rocket.


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A story back Snake staff? Oh, this will be fun :trollestia:

Edit: Yes, it was. Ah, James, way to capture Celestia through kindness. He's honesty one of the nicest guys in terms of team rocket.

:pinkiegasp: Oh no. Welp. That is not good. Celestia is captured by Team Rocket!

I'm really surprised. What made you of making this Fic. I'm just wondering. That's all.

Will James' next Pokemon (Celestia) NOT hurt James!? Well, I can't wait. When is this set?

I find myself wondering when it is in the pokemon continuity...

Strong willed pokemon are notorious for ignoring their masters if they don't want to do something...

This can be either funny... or hilarious!

oh my this gonna be interesting.


Looks like Team Rocket's dying off again!!!!!!!!! WOBBUFETT

I'm sure their boss will not be pleased that he captured the "Pokemon" and not handing it to him.

You know what would be funny? If this crossover happens during one of the "Ash and Team Rocket team up to fight a greater evil," phases and Celestia goes home thinking they're heroes.

Ok. We know for a fact now that James' new 'Pokemon' is going to have a love/hate relationship with him. :trollestia:

I finish reading the first chapter and then it immediately updates.

I'll take it!! This looks great!

Ash was more than a little hasty attacking without warning. It's not as if the Celestia pokemon was aggressive, if anything, it was 'yelling' at the Team Rocket people...

Obviously a plot device to force-pair Celestia and the Team Rocket crew, at least for the time being.

I figured that Celestia's gonna be a Fairy type. I wonder if Celestia can give Team Rocket the magic o' friendship?

On the road! This is becoming a great hit, plenty of laughs! Not to mention the great typing you gave Celestia. Great work and keep it up man!

While I'm disappointed that Celestia cant communicate I remember that our dear Tia surly has a translation spell. or she could use her magic to speak in their minds as many legendarys do... I think.

She is legendary... Right?

Looks interesting. However, a fire/fairy pokémon wouldn't actually be weak to steel. That'd be neutral damage, so that pokédex seems to be making stuff up as it goes.

:pinkiecrazy: Oh, this is so tracked...

This is good. I see Horn Drill being used in the very near future, possibly followed by cake or ear scratches. :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder if Meowth understood what Celestia was saying?

I wonder if Meowth understood what Celestia was saying?

I love how you made it to where Celestia could only say her name, but can understand the Pokemon around her :rainbowlaugh: That was genius.

Celestia is awesome. She is soo confused and during this fight she is casting one spell and everyone is like Aaarrrgghhhhhs. But I am not sure, what happened at the end.

Interesting. Though, I do hope that once she gets healed and understands what's going on she puts up a better fight. Celestia should be at least pseudo-legendary tier if not Legendary.

Also, we're assuming that the Pokemon world is a Fisher Kingdom? Given that the human mirror world appears to be one, that's fair. Or perhaps it is the mirrors themselves that act as the transformers.

Hold a grudge Celestia!
And heal up!
So that next time you see that stupid electric mouse...

I guess Celestia will be a weak Pokemon... right?


She had low HP and was tired, plus had no clue about what was going on...


Ash is a trainer, the only reason he would not have attacked it was of Celestia had attacked team Rocket right away, and maybe not even them, Remember some of James Pokemon had a tendency to attack him.

Also if this had gone a more realistic way, Celestia would have incinerated the pokeball in the first chapter.


James, yes, can't find it, but i think he did exactly this with yamask.


Well, no, i have found it:


its still in the same way.

I haven't played Pokemon in a long time, so I have to ask, when did fairy become a type?

Though it does seem to suit Celestia perfectly, as long as shes legendary.

iehuihuOHFEUI I NEED MOAR!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:


Fairy type was introduced in X/Y, weak against steel and poison, strong against fighting and dark, deadly against dragon (dragon moves have no effect on them and fairy attacks are super effective against dragons).

As far as being a legendary? quite a few fairy types are not, only one, in game, is Xerneas. Non-legendary ones, that came before it was introduced, include Snubble/granble, Togipi line and Clefairy line.

In the Anime Pokemon are show to have tons of abilities besides their four moves, yet Celestia cannot do anything at all?

I stopped watching Pokemon after Misty and Brock left, so the new companions... well, I don't know who they are. However, the adventures of the pokemon trio (Ash and his friends) and team Rocket this just made me giggle thinking back to the wonderful memories I had in my childhood years watching Pokemon. This brought back so much nostalgia for me from Team Rocket's speech, to Ash just randomly calling out moves for Pikachu with no knowledge of that Pokemon Celestia is completely innocent. Lol.
However, I have to say, if I was Ash at that moment, I would have at least waited until Celestia attacked. Also, I was waiting for Celestia to stop and just levitate Pikachu back to Ash's hands. Then, everyone just wondering, "What the huhhh??" But that never happened sadly. :fluttercry:
Celestia, why you know use your unicorn powers?? :rainbowhuh:
Okays, I am done.

Overall, great story!! I can't wait to see what comes next.

“Les. Les,” it said. “Tia!”

LOLOLOLLLL :rainbowlaugh:

I'm off to read the next chapter. Yay! :yay:

Poor Celestia stripped of her power...Not to mention the inconsistent language barriers :rainbowlaugh: She's lucky to have Meowth as a translator.


well not yet i guess.

tho i wonder if she will be able to use the tricks she might learn if and when she manage to return back to Equestria:trollestia:

Hurriedly, Celestia cycled through several dozen of the tens of thousands of spells she knew. She tried conjuration, enchantment, summoning, transformation, abjuration, hexing, and even simple levitation. Absolutely nothing worked.

Poor Celestia!! :fluttercry: Can't use any of her magic. Maybe she should try to get James to tell her to use a spell? Maybe that might work. She bursted into flames in the second chapter. I don't see why James telling her to use her magic won't work. Unless, she is naturally a level 1 pokemon and new spells come with learning new moves. Haha, that would be funny.

Meowth... not very helpful... I can see Celestia and Meowth getting into a pony-cat fight one of these moments. Take that pokemon down Celestia he deserves it!!! Hahh... I don't know... :twilightsheepish:

Looking forward to the next chapter. Update soon! :twilightsmile:

6084652 well they always go over the top when stealing Pokemon
also James had always got a special bond with weird Pokemon. :derpytongue2:

I don't think magic classified as Psychic but then again a Pokédex is calibrated to Pokémon
so it will match whatever she does with Pokemon moves I wonder if Celestia can Learn to
harness new power.

also what if Celestia is an Earth type instead of fire, water is effective on other types
that Pokédex is racist and generic! :pinkiegasp:

The 'princess' in 'Princess Twilight' as well as the words 'parallel dimension' naturally lead to me having more that a few thoughts and ideas for possible future developments.
However, they say a picture says more than a thousand words.
So I'm just gonna leave this here.

Is Team Rocket volatile all the time? Cause they always explode and fly away

ahh I see those headaches and she hearing gibberish even from Meowth at the beginning
was Celestia transforming into a Pokémon... Moarrr! :flutterrage:

So what happens when they try to take her to a Pokemon Breeder? *evil grin*

6084994 James actually 'catches' a lot of his Pokemon through random acts of kindness. One could say it's his 'thing'. A lot of the time he outright asks Pokemon if they want to come with him (and probably actually asked Celestia herself, by all appearances, not knowing about the extra-strength language barrier). James is the nicest person in the Pokemon universe.

6085936 Eh. She's in a new world, her body has been subtly rearranged in ways she doesn't understand, with new powers she's not familiar with. 'Weak' is a bit premature - she hasn't really had a chance to show what she can do. She doesn't really know what she can do. Wait 'til she's more familiar with her new role, then we'll see where she is on the power scale.



The Anime has broken the rules of the game several times over. So limiting her to just four moves is kind of dumb. Also, her limitations would make way more sense if she had been turned into an existing Pokemon, but she has keep her shape and power, only is sealed somewhat. Legendaries in the anime and movies are really powerful, yet here she is a wimp.

Well fine author, you have my interest. And occasional laughter. And twinge-sympathy for Celestia. Hopefully she turns out to be a Legendary, even if currently at the 'low-level' spectrum.

Also hopefully, she gets to guilt-trip Pikachu. Get that little lightning mouse to write a friendship report.

As I only played up to Gold and Silver, a lot of these pokemon names sound like gibberish to me.

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