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The last thing Applejack remembers, she was going out to tend to the south fields one day. She had just left the house and then... a blur. She found herself someplace else entirely. Loud, spattering noises surrounded her. Strange people were trying to hurt her. Her very body was twisted and wrong.

When she awakes from what should have been a nightmare, she discovers it was all too real. She's been trapped in another world, in a body that she can't even recognize, let alone control. To make matters worse, her natural Earth Pony magic is reacting to her new environment in strange and disquieting ways, intensifying to truly dangerous levels causing her to break nearly everything and everyone she touches.

Thankfully she's been offered help. A group of remarkable people is offering to take her in... assuming she can aid them in return. There's a man in a suit of armor. Another who carries a shield. One who carries a hammer. One a bow and arrow. One is a woman who lies just a little too much for Applejack's taste. And one of them is very, very angry.

Applejack will have to come to not only understand her new body and abilities, but also come to try and understand the meaning and value of honesty itself as she's put to the test in ways she's never anticipated. In this world of endless conflict and threats beyond any she could have ever imagined, does Applejack even stand a chance of finding her way back home?

Teen rating for mild blood, some death, and occasional mild nudity and lewd jokes.
Character and genre tags may be altered as necessary as the story progresses.

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Well, you’ve certainly got my attention. Very strong start.

I like what you've got so far.

Most impressive! Faved and recommended elsewhere! A strong start, and I hope it keeps it up!

Damn, that's a brilliant journey laid out in the author notes. You have my complete attention.

Actually, "Weapon Plus" is an allusion to the X-Men franchise, speficially to Wolverine (this was back when they could have merged together without too much issue, so it was a shout out). Wolverine is Weapon X aka Weapon Experiment 10. In 616 canon, Captain America is counted as Weapon 1 retroactively. Weapon Plus is the name given to the program who bonded adamantium to Logan's bones and created Deadpool and X-23.

At first I was like, "No."

But now I'm like, "Yeeeeeeeessssssssss!"

This is great. But damnit Dusty, you never go beyond the first few chapters. Do a long fic for once! This has been featured for Celestia's sake!!

Ok man, this is some serious writing skills, justo forma that you hace muy like, and favorite, and the story is motherfucking good, so yeah, waiting forma next chapter.

Very much looking forward to this. Given how out of control Applejack's powers appear to be, can you imagine the kerfuffle if Twilight comes looking for her? Dr Strange's 'Great Old One' alarm goes off, and a critical moment of interspecies diplomacy is ruined when he teleports in with a water bottle and tries to shoo the Princess of Friendship back through her portal like a misbehaving cat.

Okay, I'll admit, this is taking my interest, but only time will tell if you're able to keep it

At first you had my interest. Now you have my attention.

For a chapter composed entirely of journal entries I found it pretty interesting, especially with the Shield notes. I'm disappointed that Thor wasn't mentioned in the beginning because of AJ being thought as Asgardian, but oh well.

... I HAVE to read more of this. This is exactly the kind of crossover I've wanted, yet never imagined I wanted so badly. You did a good job of portraying Applejack's complete confusion here. Can't wait to read more.

Awesome! Just one question, in what part of the Marvel multiverse does this story tale place? Because I'm a fair bit behind on the cinematic universe and would thus like to avoid major spoilers for the movies that has come out after Age of Ultron.

Finally. A superhero story where ponies wakes as a human the first time around. Not many of them i have seen, so you are going about a frontier here.

I just hope the story doesnt make things go too quick by revealing all info too soon, then again, Thor exists so I guess they wouldnt have a choice but to believe some of it.

Great start. Really hope to see more of this.

Hmmm, this sounds interesting. Gotta tag it for now.

To quote the movie Armageddon:

"I have five words for you... Damn glad to see you boy!"

"Thats six words sir."

I'm not fond of Applejack, so that's something for the story to overcome. But I think it can do it. Hopefully this updates sooner rather than later.

But 616, really? That's the marvel equivalent of 52.

Who keeps downvoting the comments?
This is a good start. I want to see Applejack accidentally punch out the Incredible Hulk because she doesn't know how to control her own strength. You get a like, track, and favorite.

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Thanks for the enthusiasm everybody! More chapters should actually be out soon because I've been feeling oddly inspired to write this one.


Thank you! I was a little concerned people might think the overly long authors notes were too much, but I really like explaining the thought processes and planning that goes into my writing. Hopefully other people at least find it mildly interesting as well.


On the one hand, yes, you're right. I know all about Weapon X/Plus and Wolverine and how it all went down in the comics. On the other hand, in the MCU, there are no mutants or X-Men or Wolverine or anything (because those characters are all owned by Fox... or at least they were until the Disney/Fox deal went through) so presumably the program doesn't exist in the MCU? I don't know, maybe they'll retroactively insert it now that the deal has gone through. In any case, it doesn't change the fact that "Weapon Plus" wasn't mentioned once in the Captain America movie, but was rather prominently name-dropped in the Incredible Hulk movie, which didn't make much sense, at least to me.


The real problem is that I do nothing BUT long fics, but few of them ever get out of the first act. :facehoof:

Hopefully that won't be the case here. I actually might have found a strategy that keeps me writing. We'll see.


At the moment the story takes place before the events of Doctor Strange, during the events of the first Avengers film, so Doctor Strange is still a relatively famous surgeon and not a reclusive master of the mystic arts. However, Once we get through the Avengers arc, Applejack will end up being sought out by the Ancient One herself, who may or may not be able to send her home.

Unspoiler at your own risk. :rainbowwild:


Second Chapter is currently in editing.


Thor's hammer was name dropped briefly (among with a couple other Marvel references), but the Nazis didn't get to meet Thor in this story. Good for them, too, because it wouldn't go as well for them as it did in the comics (there was an absolutely absurd story in the comics where Hitler himself duped Thor into fighting Captain America and the Invaders).


It takes place during the first Avengers movie. There will also be several arcs between that and Age of Ultron, so you don't have to worry. Even if I manage to go THROUGH with this story, there's still plenty of time to catch up.


Can't say I know what you're talking about when it comes to pony/superhero stories... though surprisingly I actually can't remember reading all that many.

As for 'revealing too much information' I don't know what I can tell you. Applejack is now in proper SHIELD custody so she's going to get interviewed pretty hard, and SHIELD's a bit more open to wild and crazy stories in this Post-Thor world.


What can I say? In a Marvel/DC story you have to litter references into your stories. It's, like, the LAW or something.

616 may be a blatant, hammer-to-the-head reference, but if I see a place I can make a reference, I'm going to take it.


I too would like to know who's downvoting everybody's comments. It is quite vexing. Thanks!

No problem! Also, if you had to compare Applejack's strength to that of the Hulk, who would be stronger? Or would they be tied? May the All-Father have mercy on wherever those two decide to spar.

Well, I'll go ahead and spoiler it in case people want to find out on their own, but Hulk is still stronger than Applejack by far. Applejack's enhanced strength puts her about on the same level as one of Tony Stark's Iron Man suits, which is still incredibly strong (capable of lifting probably over 100 tons, if the comics are to be believed), but still not as strong as Thor, or anywhere even close to Hulk.

I'm not trying to turn Applejack into a Mary Sue "save the day and fix everything wrong with the MCU" type of character. She'll play a part and influence events, certainly, but I have no intention of making the universe revolve around her.

Ok. It is just that the comment about her ripping a Volkswagen in half with her bare hands made me think of the Hulk, since he regularly use cars as weapons.

This is great can't wait to see more.

this is a great little story, though i am still wondering whats going to happen to Applebloom in HER story that u havent updated in awhile...not that im pressuring u to add another chapter to that <pressure, pressure...>

Your use of 616 as a transport truck wasn't even that blatant. In Agents of SHIELD, the airplane they use for the first couple of seasons is "SHIELD Transport 616". A more out there reference would have been the truck called "Universal SHIELD transport 8" aka US-8. I still say they could do a show based on that with a decommissioned SHIELD truck.

Whats w/ all the likes and dislikes in the comments.

A lot of comments (as of this one) has like 2 likes and 1 dislike

Welp. Time to be hittin' the ol' Dusty tale...

In all seriousness, very strong opening. Definitely looking forward to more... though I do fear for AJ's stability when she learns she's been gone from home for decades. If the flow of time between the two worlds is anything but completely orthogonal, most of her friends may be dead by the time she gets back. At least, that's the conclusion she'll reasonably come to.

But that's a trauma for another day. She needs to get situated first, and if she has a superhero name, then she'll come out of this at least superficially okay.

Intriguing. I guess I'll follow this. Though I want to point out something:

Her panicked strength was on her side, thankfully as she broke free from one prison only to find herself in another, like she was trapped within some twisted metal Russian doll.

How would AJ know what a Russian doll would be? Or a Russian for that matter?

1610? I see you are a man of ultimate culture as well...

Following, you don't see the likes of this story every day.


I may be underestimating how much force it takes to rip a Volkswagen in half, but I'm pretty sure Iron Man could do it? Probably?


I know, I know. The plan was (and still maybe is?) to update that story by the end of the month, but December's getting a little long in the tooth so it may end up getting pushed back. Again.


I'd forgotten about that. I haven't watched an episode of Agents of SHIELD since... Season 3? The last thing I remember was Hive!Ward taking control of Quake/Daisy and turning her against the rest of the team.

On that note, I'm not 100% sure just how much of the MCU TV Series I'll include in this story. I haven't seen much of them beyond the first season of Daredevil and the first two-and-a-half seasons of Agents of SHIELD or so. I tried to watch Jessica Jones and had to stop after the first four or five episodes because I ran out of sympathy for her plight really quickly when she wouldn't stop being a complete bitchaloid to everybody who was just trying to genuinely offer her help. And I haven't gotten around to Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, or the Inhumans series at all. There's a chance that writing this will finally get me around to watching all of that and incorporating it all, but it's possible I'll just ignore it all as well.

Also, I'd absolutely watch a movie or show based off of US-1/US-Ace.


Thanks, bro. Also, that little snag is going to end up being brought into play sooner rather than later. You can't be a superhero if you aren't overflowing with angst! :pinkiehappy:


Obviously she wouldn't but trying to make it into a variation on 'Stalliongrad' turned out to not flow well. Stalliongradish? Stalliongradese? Stalliongradian? None of them really looked great and it bugged me. Eventually I decided that it was narration text and not actually Applejack's thoughts or dialogue, so even though it was being told from Applejack's perspective I could bend the rules just a little.

Can Iron Man lift a car? Sure, he has held cars up by their ends numerous times and even thrown them. But I believe it has always been shown to be a straining task for the suits, at least the early ones. As far as ripping a vehicle in half with the ease you described? I don't think I have ever seen a depiction of Iron Man doing that with one of his suits. Unless it was his Hulkbuster or an even larger armor, which yes, he does have armors bigger than the Hulkbuster. But then again that suit was designed to be able to go fist to fist with the Hulk, so it would stand to reason that the Hulkbuster would have comparable strength.

Now the Hulk, he has been shown numeroustimes throughout his depictions to be more than capable of ripping a car in half with his bare hands. And other individuals with the same build as the Hulk are also capable of that feat.

As a fellow lover of crossovers*, I’m in.

*(I think it comes from making real the idea that stories are connected and can feed into each other, even if it isn’t obvious.)

I basically see Applejack as a blond, non-green skinned She-Hulk. This is She-Hulk:
She is six foot five, and has the exact same physique you used to describe Applejack. And similar powers to the Hulk.


She may very well turn out to be stronger than Iron Man then. I'll have to rewatch the Iron Man movies.

Surprisingly, Google fails to pull up any decent answers when I ask it how strong the MCU version of Iron Man is, but it DOES confirm that the comics version of the Iron Man suits tends to be in the "Class 100" league (able to lift over 100 tons) with some variation depending on which version of the suit Tony is using. Maybe I shouldn't work off of that, since the MCU versions are clearly less powerful than their comic counterparts, but it was all I had to go on without watching all 3 movies again.

Also, I'd keep spoiler-blocking this, but context probably clues anyone else reading this into figuring out what's being talked about anyway :applejackunsure:

Obviously she wouldn't but trying to make it into a variation on 'Stalliongrad' turned out to not flow well. Stalliongradish? Stalliongradese? Stalliongradian? None of them really looked great and it bugged me. Eventually I decided that it was narration text and not actually Applejack's thoughts or dialogue, so even though it was being told from Applejack's perspective I could bend the rules just a little.

Well then change the analogy to fit more with AJ's character. Feeling like she's stuck in a cider barrel sounds a lot more like something she would think/say.

Yeah, and I don't think I am too far off the mark with saying that you basically made Applejack a non-Gamma She-Hulk. The parallels in body physique and powers are to similar to ignore.


Oh I know who She-Hulk is. She's one of my favorite Marvel characters (or at least she was before she went all emo and stupid for no reason other than bad, agenda-driven writing).

Though in the comics she's actually over 7 feet tall. Certain recent sources, like the absolutely terrible "Hulk and the Agents of SMASH," have tried to shrink her down to the 6-foot range recently, though, and that bugs me.

I can't call Applejack She-Hulk though, because... reasons.

I get it and understand. But the parallels do exist.

Awesome start. You've got my attention. The one thing I'd worry about is AJ becoming the female version of Cap. Super strong, super righteous, etc. The MCU (and crossovers in general) is awesome because we get to see wildly different characters bounce each other. Having two characters who are basically the same would get dull real quick.

That said, as from what I've seen you're a good writer. I'm sure you'll keep things interesting.

That description perfectly matches the leak info

In the first Iron man movie, in the Mark III suit, he not only lifts a car, he catches one tossed at him by Stane in the Iron Monger suit - specifically because there were people in it, and he couldn't just dodge it.

The current movie suit is likely stronger than that, but more around Spider-Man levels of strength, not Thor / Hulk levels.

Who's the asshat that keep disliking comments? A DC-fanboy, or something?

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