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I'm just a part time writer who enjoys a good story, and wants give those good stories his own patented equestrian twist


When an ancient foe begins to awaken upon a world after hundreds of years, the aid of a new hero is sought. But this new hero is not from this world but rather one from another universe. Follow this unfolding tale of adventure and see what lessons in friendship can be learned when two royal ponies of differing ages & experience must work together to help save another world.

(A collaboration MLP/Pokémon crossover story with Adamastos)

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There's a BBCode for footnotes.

You don't need to introduce the My Little Pony characters. Anyone on this site would already know who they are.

Why is there a Ranger Union in the Mystery Dungeon world?

This looks good. I am interested for more.

The Ranger Council is something of our own design in this story and will be explained upon further along in the story.

Nice reference to the mlp comics, also I think discord and hoopa would get along well... granted Celestia Doesn't kill him for sending her sister and surrogate daughter to another universe frought with untold danger

Also are you gonna throw in a special mechanic like what time, darkness and sky did with those special items that you got from crogaunk

It's an interesting idea, but me and my co-writer have not discussed anything of that nature for the story we have planned thus far. This isn't to say we won't ever be including something akin to crogaunk's items, right however it is to early to say.

At least they are not facing an Aggron.
This looks good. I wonder what the other princesses could have turned into. Maybe Cadance as a Clefairy, and Celestia as a Gardevoir.

I want to see discord do a genie style search and rescue when he gets the bad news

Say what form of Lycanroc is she? Is she the Midnight Form, or Dusk Form? If anything I would go with the Dusk Form Lycanroc.

That is a shiny midnight lycanroc.

Oh! :derpyderp1: I'm sorry, your right. I must have mixed up the names. Okay, just for future reference, Luna is a shiny midnight lycanroc in this story. I hope this clears up any confusion. :twilightsheepish:

Hey there folks and sorry this took so long. :twilightblush: It took me a while to get back into the right headspace before I could finish this chapter after the long hiatus. It also didn't help that parts of this chapter needed to be rewritten a few times during production. I hope you guys enjoy and are looking forwards to more chapters coming out in the future. Hopefully they'll be coming out sooner rather then later now that this is my sole project. Thanks for sticking with Adamastos and me for such a long time, we very much appreciate it. :twilightsmile: You guys are awesome. :ajsmug:

Wait, what Pokemon was Luna?

I think Luna is an Umbreon and Twilight is an Espeon. I can't remember

so based on what i've read up to this point is this Pokémon Mystery Dungeon story with MLP will take place in the Alola Region. Which might be in the same vain as the "Gates to Infinity" & "Explores of time\darknes\sky" though i'm not sure. Pls confirm or deny author


Twilight had been turned into an Espeon and Luna has been turned into a shiny variant of a Midnight Lycanroc (basically a midnight lycanroc with blue fur). Sorry that I didn't bring that up again in this chapter after the hiatus, but it's difficult to put that into a sentence without it sounding forced. :twistnerd:

This story is actually going to take place in several continents, some of which were mentioned in this chapter (the Nation of Aura and the Nation of Philosophy). Right now we're on the Nation of Light, which as you guested, is largely based upon the Alola Region in the mainline Pokémon games. If I have to make a comparison, we based our version of the Pokemon World on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon where players are given the ability to travel to different lands on a Lapris and explore different types of mystery dungeons. Hopes this helps explain things.

cool ok thnx for the clarification. I look forward to your next chapter

ok thanks again for clearing that up. Lol, at least i was half-right and Twilight is indeed an Espeon

“Very well. Doug will leave you then. But not for very long.”

I wonder if this Doug is comfortable, because it's clear that Twilight and Luna aren't.

I am glad someone got this reference. :pinkiehappy: I was afraid Centaurworld may have been too obscure a show. :twilightblush:

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