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This story is a sequel to A Pony out of Place

Set directly after A Pony out of Place. Flare Blitz, a Rapidash, turned pony, has opted to stay in Equestria, but things won't be so easy for him. Now a full-fledged pony, he has to earn a Cutie Mark, train with the Princesses, survive a love triangle and Arceus knows what else.

And most importantly... get Twilight to go out with him!

It has a TV Tropes pages too, check it out and help add to it.

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So the sequel fic is finally up. And the best part, I already have ideas for a third one!

I hope everyone enjoys this. :pinkiehappy:

Ohohoh god that visit will be awkard and funny as hell!

if you keep this as good as it began...it would do it



By chance, is one of those the ideas the one I may or may not have brought up?

Princess deities of a country of magical ponies, can't think up a simple solution to Luna's erratic sleeping habits. :derpytongue2:

2311152 - Which one was that? The Darkrai one?

2311153 - Eeyup.:eeyup:


...Huh. Did I say something Darkrai related? I can't remember now.

...Anyways, i was thinking along the lines of Mystery Dungeon...gah, I've been thinking too much about that series lately, need to take a break >.<


That was me, actually.

Darkrai is essentially the Spirit of the New Moon and the living embodiment of all nightmares, so connecting him to Nightmare Moon would be rather easy to do.

“Oh?” she rummaged about in a saddlebag for a moment before presenting a letter. “Da, da, da, da daaaaa!” she sang happily. “You have a letter!”

You got the letter! Read it to learn valuable information on your soon-to-be marefriend's whereabouts!

Princess Celestia sat on her throne, reading a report that her agent, a mint green Unicorn, had just delivered personally.

LYYYYRRRAAAAA! You son of a buck!

Flare bit his lower lip to prevent an outburst of laughter. It seemed it was time for Trollestia to take the stage!


Take away Luna’s games

If Tia were to do that... All Tartarus would break loose. Multiple other fanons will come Tumblring out and Twittering about. And Twilight will have her Face in a Book the whole time. And now I feel that My Space around this area is already warping and twisting from the very notion. And then the squids will steal all the budder...
(I intended so many references. Name them all for Woona and Gamer Luna!)


great to see the sequel up :twilightsmile:
and you already have plans for a third one:pinkiegasp:
can't wait to read this through.

“I guess Spike’s having a god dream”

should be good

Okay, two words. Completely Epic. That is all... it's 7AM and I've been up all night reading the first story and this one they are just that good. So don't blame me for lack of stuff to say... ... I'm rambling aren't I?


Right... I'm gonna go pass out now seeing as I'm not really sure I'm sane. Stay amazing Author person.

2311531 - Challenge accepted! Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, My Space.

2311575 - Thank you.

2311793 - You stayed up all night!:pinkiegasp: Get some sleep please.:fluttercry:

Thanks for all the great comments people. I love you all.:heart:

Twilight watched him leave and sighed softly. He walked back inside and looked at the flowers lying on the floor of the library.

You didn't shoot the fishy!

Twi, make up your mind already! Yay or Neigh!:flutterrage:
Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

A friendship was sent to the Princess hours ago

Friendship report you mean? Though who knows? Maybe they have the condensed friendship gems? I was thinking about something like it for Changelings. Condensed emotions! New way to sustain yourself away from a food source! :rainbowlaugh:
And at the part where Flare was speaking with both Princesses about the day. I was like: It's funny how he calls Celly "Princess" and calls Luna... "Luna". Then you went and did that question.:rainbowwild:

Agent Lyra Heartstrings of the Royal Departmant of Extraterrestrials.

“What the hay!?” Twilight shouted. “Just what is Flare doing at the castle!?”
She would have to pay the boneheaded stallion a visit. Very soon…

But it's not his fault…ah, what does she care? She's jealous!:trollestia:

Aha! You missed one! I was referencing to SkyDoesMinecraft with the Squids and Budder!

*Yawns and smiles.* Well, I'm awake again now. So if you feel the need to bounce idea's off someone just ask.


Ah. I might've still said something about Darkrai (Knowing myself, it's not that far out of the realm of possibility), but this is probably what 2311221 was referring to.

That was a brilliant solution to Luna's sleep schedule. Why has no one (including show and fanfic writers) ever thought of it:facehoof:.

Again, why is Lyra Spy?


Intrestingly enough, whether or not Darkrai is actually evil depends on the continuity.

In the anime and the main series games, he's really just misunderstood, causing nightmares wherever he lurks despite not meaning any harm to anyone. People fear him not because he's malevolent, but because of what he is: a nightmare.

In the Mystery Dungeons games, however... Hoo boy. :twilightoops:

Side story where Arcues shows up on the farm and tells Flare's parents that he got beaten up by Flare? I think that would be hilarious and it would definitely make me smile. It would also help tie some loose ends on the home-dimension side of things.

*snickers* Celestia likes him now eh?


Well, here's the thing. Out of all the Sinnoh legendaries, he has featured Palkia, Dialga, and Arceus.

There's still Giratina, Darkrai, and the trio of Mespirit, Uxie, and Azelf.

What seems the most like a good villain?

Great story. Hope to get an update soon!

Just want to say the cover art so epic!! Where did you get it!!!

I think that's supposed to be Lupus lignum. The more you know :twilightsmile:


Giratina and Darkrai would both make for compelling villains, IMO.

Giratina because he's really damn scary. (His introduction scene in Platinum nearly made me jump out of my seat) and Darkrai because he can be a really interesting character.

Think about it: Darkrai, judged for centuries as a monster, has been all but forced to embrace the role that people assign to him, believing that there's no point in being kind to anyone if they're going to hate and fear him regardless.


Yeah, I kinda thought that Giratina was a possibility, but, really, Darkrai was practically MADE to be the bad guy.

2314922 - Because ever since I read a certain fanfiction, awesome, badass Lyra is now head canon for me.:pinkiesmile:

2315122 - I'll address that in due time.:pinkiecrazy:

2316517 - I won a little contest on Deviantart and won that piccy. follow the source link to see it as well as the awesome artist.:raritywink:

2314733 - Because I'm a genius.:twilightsmile:

You, sir, are a fucking genius. My mind is blown, and you've set a few new headcanons for me. Well done. Have a moustache. :moustache:

<3 DarqFox

Moar plawks. o3o

I couldn't help but hear the blue's clues letter song during the Derpy scene.

I love you theory why the Timberwolves can regenerate. My thoughts are almost the same only that Sweet Apple Orchard is also part of the Everfree Forest, only held in check by the Apple-family. That's the reason Zap Apples grow only on Sweet Apple Acres. Further (not important for this story), how bigger the Timberwolf how weaker the magic forces are that hold the wolf together. That's why Spike can use a small rock to destroy the big Timberwolf.
Somehow I hope that our favorite Rapipony will find the mysterious third evolution stage where he gets wings. Just cause it would be sad for Twilight to lose him when she becomes immortal. And now I want that GameFreak will make a third evolution for Rapidash where it becomes an Allicorn (Fire/Fly). But to keep the balance that the first gen has Arcainine also needs his evolution. Maybe Arcainine will evolve in a Fire/Psychic. They both would be semi-legendary's and are high-tier evolving, something like lv 60 or even lv 70...

Like Eyes of Avo said, you are a genius that you though about the new sleep patern. And I'm really shocked that nobrony thought about it before. I also really like how casual Flare is acting around Celly and Luna. Which is just logical cause he never grew up looking up to the Princesses like, wel, Princesses.
Next episode "One Bad Apple", and I'm sad that Flare got his cutie mark already cause it could be really funny to see how he would affect the CMC in that episode. Almost expect that Flare will travel to Ponyville (without writing to surprise Twlight), at the same time Twilight travels to Canterlot.
I just looked at the list with S03 episodes. Can't wait for episode 5 :trixieshiftright:

Update: Something I forget to say here is that you really grew as a writer. The first chapter of "A pony out of Place" felt a little bit wierd and rushed. But now the character feel real and much better fleshed out. Sometimes I think Flare is a little bit OP but then I consider he is going to be Twilights SSSP (Super Special SomePony) I know he needs the OP-ness.

2316828 I think I know which fan fic you are talking about with badass Lyra. It's also the same one with the flowers courting ritual. Although you have modified it. Don't worry your secret is safe with me :rainbowwild:.

2311706Trust me. Spike is a god. He has god-level cooking, no reason shouldn't have god dreams.

2317287:derpytongue2:"You just got a letter! You just got a letter! You just got a letter, wonder who its from."

this chapter...i like it ANOTHER!!!!!! :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile:

A wild TIMBERWOLF appeared! >FIGHT BAG


2317493 - You've really hit the nail on the head with these comments! I was worried that I made Flare a little too OP'd, cause trust me, I can really make him so. Though I had no idea that nopony has come up with the same solution as I did for Luna. It was pretty obvious. Thanks for the great feedback.:twilightsmile:

2317547 - eheheh... The reason I read it is because the romance is simply beautiful, no because of 'that' stuff. :scootangel:

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