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Interdimensional Hive AI

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Happy to have you back for the sequel, thanks for favoriting Rules of Etiquette :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the favorite on Rules of Engagement! Hope you enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

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You know things aren't binary Trixie could be genuinely sorry about the Alicorn Amulet incident for taking things to far and still want to be renowned as the greatest Unicorn Mage in the land by surpassing Twilight. Its just next time she'll have more restraint and sense about doing it. "Winning Honestly in a fair contest of magic," is how some people put it.

Ah very true, but it just wouldn't feel as personal were she to no longer be upset with Twilight. ^^ I wasn't a fan of the episode either, myself, so I really didn't have any qualms ignoring it.

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