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Writer of fanfic occasionally. Very little freetime. You might see me hanging around /mlp/.



The title is a lie, I don't actually ever get asked an questions. Still, thought it best to clear some things up:

Why don't you post "Thanks for the follow" comments?
I'm lazy.

Why don't you read any stories or have any favorites? Isn't it better to be involved in the community?
I don't actually have much free time. Or any free time. At all. I basically log onto fimfic, try to get out as much of one of my stories as I can, then log back out and go back to something productive.
Hopefully that will change eventually.


Updates · 4:27am Sep 16th, 2013

Expect updates sometime in the next week.

Yes, I am not actually dead. I just got caught up in a shitload of things.

Hopefully I can get my writing muscles working again.

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Comment posted by Doggi deleted Jun 27th, 2021
Comment posted by Doggi deleted Jun 27th, 2021

No offense but I think LunaDash is pretty much the most nonsensical ship in the entire fandom

Alas, I have no plans for a sequel as of yet. I still need to finish An Exercise in Inter-Universal Politics, so I'm focusing on that right now.

Hey, if you are going to do a sequel to "Tired Of The Daily Routine" do you think you could switch the roles a little? Like, keep it Twilestia centric, but since Luna's matchmaking job is done and all thats left for her is fangirling, maybe Celestia and Twilight could help set her up with someone. Trust me, I am not trying to tell you how to write, I'm just trying to give you some dead since your a great writer.

If Lulu is getting a match, could it maybe,possibly be with Rainbow? You know, if you want? Just a suggestion. Long live LunaDash! Hehe. :rainbowkiss:

378358 Yeah, I think they could have put a few more songs on it.

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