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"You cannot die unless your patron does."
The answer to the first question Twilight asked when she formally became the princess of magic. Billions of years later, she regrets not thinking this through.

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I LOVE it.......but....The FEELS::fluttercry::fluttercry::applecry::eeyup::fluttercry::fluttercry:
I think you could also make a sequel to this where Twilight re-creates existence again idk mate

Glad you liked it!


This was a really great concept, and one that was executed perfectly. Seriously, it gave me chills.

Excellent fic, I took one read of this and knew I had to do a reading. Fantastic idea that was fantastically executed. My question though is will there be an alternate ending? One with a big crunch at the end of the universe?

She has to give up or completely expend her magic.

This was a one-shot that I quite literally wrote at midnight. As such, I am not planning on expanding it.

In my mind, though, the Universe eventually experienced some sort of fundamental decay of time and space, freeing Twilight from her prison.

That's not really "canon," though.

One does wonder to whatever happen to Discord, though. Probably surfing with asteroids!

Well holy shit.

Wow, super dark. Awesome. Kinda want a chapter from all her friends, or at least the Princess' view, from after their deaths when they have to watch in horror as poor Twilight has to continue existing forever.

2383088 could not have phrased it better

shit, i was just looking for a story where i could write the comment : "oh how lonely they must be, those who may not join the dance macabre"

and then i get this.

i need kitty therapy ASAP

I like it but I will never read it again. Thank you.

Wow. So many feels. And kind of scary too. Great job! :twilightsmile:

This is fantastically horrifying. I love it. I was going to use a similar concept in my story, though, and now I can't do so. Oh well, I'll figure something out.

Use it! I re-read this, and my execution was horrible. I'd love to see others' takes on it.

2626506 I don't like using things i have already seen before. It just doesn't feel right. I have a lot of work to do on my story before i can do the next chapter, so it will be a while before i get to the point that i was going to use this anyway. I'll figure something else out by then. Thanks, though.

...Yikes. Holy shit. That's... pretty horrifying.

I'm going to assume that she somehow learns how to use magic to recreate the universe as it was or travel into the afterlife without actually dying. Because that's waaaay preferable to the alternative of existing eternally in an empty void.

Dude. Just... Dude. Don't ever do this again. You'll give someone nigthmares.

[That's not to say that this was a bad story, just an emotionally heartbreaking one]

I found this quite interesting to think about. Not really sad as more a logical and scary idea that some things can never die.:trollestia:

This story is one of those that have ideas that I find hard to accept. I've always disliked the idea of being alive in space, as you couldn't remain in one piece, though in this case, I guess Twilight is somehow held together by magic. The reason why I think that this doesn't make can be explained with Celestia. We've saw her get defeated by Chrysalis, so I think that it's safe assume that even if she can't die of old age, she could die from a sword to the face, for example.
Also, when you are working with large-scale things such as this, where things happen over thousands and millions of years, it's easy to forget just how weak a mind is. It doesn't take a long time to go insane, it's something that happens much quicker than a year. Even if Twilight is a strong character, it shouldn't take her much longer to go insane.
I understand that this criticism is mostly useless, as it is mainly me disliking the concept, but hey, I'm just giving you my thoughts.

Well that really sucks ass for Twilight, but couldn't she re-create the universe with her magic and give herself a reason to continue? I mean she is magic, so she is literally a literal god.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Twilight is element of magic. She could create dimensional gate and travel to dimension where are all ponies still alive. Or she could simply travel to afterlife dimension. She doesn't have to die to be with dead.

Use magic to give shape and energy to the post-heat death universe, wrapping reforming it into matter and higher forms of energy until you have collected every single anything that exists; take all of this to form an inconceivably massive rune array to:
A.) Cause a new Big Bang, shaped according to her rules of what reality is, possibly making her de facto impossible, causing her to unexist
B.) Use half of her magic to create anti-magic particles exactly equal to the amount of magic within her
C.) Make a portal to another reality
D.) Form a higher state of existence originally composed of magic, which she will then devote all of her magic into; as it isn't technically magic anymore, she could die
E.) Send herself indelibly insane
F.) Recreate Discord
G.) Change herself into some other, more mortal sort of being--perhaps not possible with lesser power, but wielding the entire universe?

I would say that I spent forever looking for this fic, but there's no justice in that statement.

Gah, the realization hit me like a brick. Bravo!

Unfortunately, the concept arriving requires stupidity for the sake of plot. I rarely like that. But, that aside, well-executed.

The simple option of "erase own mind" is also available: immortality does not entail eternal continuity of consciousness, but she does seem to have sufficient regeneration to possibly negate this. She could even just erase her memories of Equestria and all its inhabitants. (No, this is not supposed to be an easy-to-stomach idea.) But, as a self-perpetuator…she should realize what, scientifically, that means: infinite energy, and entropy need not win.

H. Realize that friendship is magic, and die along with Cadence.
Hii. Be ashamed as a scientist for not escaping the planet over the (b/)millions of years for Celestia to go red giant.
I. Exhaust own power in useless way (hornlight).
Ia) if possible, Hell is over!
Ib) if impossible, see above options and begin Universe 2.0.
Ibi. Alter gravitational constant to sufficient to precipitate Big Crunch. (Alter reverse-gravity spell from S3) Do not forget precautions to not be incapacitated.
J) create new time travel magic to prevent her binding to magic, or at least include escape clause H.

Methinks you forgot about the other absolute immortal. Discord. Using your logic, chaos would be just as enduring, if not moreso, than magic.

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