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Meridian Prime

Your friendly local terrifying, hollow eyed demon baby.

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Good Lord! What has been done to that infant? Out the womb sans eyes, broken and left to the surgeon's horrible instruments! One cannot appreciate the true extent of medical science's progress until bearing witness to this abomination. No doubt this child was soon cast aside, fed to the ravenous gutters, left in a world of garbage and human waste. Now I cannot walk the streets for fear of this monstrosity, if still lurking, emerging from his nest and chasing me with wild, bouncing eyes. Be still, I say, not a sound--but surely it will hear my pounding heart.

- T-S-H

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An aspiring writer of British descent, with a bunch of ideas and not enough time to actually write them.
I tend to read quite a lot on this site, and can generally be found loitering around at all hours of the day and night. If you wish to chat, feel free to comment or PM me at any point. I'll get back to you pretty quickly most of the time, and if I don't there'll be a good reason for it.
If anyone wants editing or pre-reading, I'm a bit new to it but I have a keen eye and would be happy to help.
I am a reader/contributor to the You Might Like This group, which I heartily recommend you check out (yes I am totally shameless how did you know). I am also editor for the extremely talented and amazing KitsuneRisu (howthehelldidthishappenahhhh), as well as pre-reader for several far to many people to be good for my sanity.
If you want to find me on other sites, I have exactly the same name and profile pic on FFN.net, Steam and Tumblr (though don't count on that last one), and the only difference on AO3 is an underscore where the space would normally be. No writing as of yet, but I have quite a few ideas for other fandoms tucked away, so something may turn up eventually.

Writing should hopefully kick up around Easter, or failing that come the summer holidays. We'll see.

Favourite Fics From Fimfiction For Fantastic Foalish Fun

For anyone that is remotely interested, I tend to read a lot of fics, and my favorite stories modules quickly filled up although the new bookshelf system is great, I have far too many Favourited stories to re-sort them. For this reason, my favourites list will remain as a list of stories I think are good or have simply enjoyed on this site. For stories that I consider the very "best of the best" though, I have created a group am maintaining the group I created to house all of those tales that I deem, in my limited wisdom, to be really rather good. You can find it here:
Meri's Favourite Stories

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  • 62 weeks
    Re-Organising My Priorities

    So I'm pretty sure now that half the reason I drifted away from this site is that it stopped being fun keeping up with stories, and became more of a chore.

    Not really surprising considering how many open fimfic tabs I had, and how many notifications I accumulated a day (anywhere between 300 and 500).

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  • 62 weeks


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  • 93 weeks
    "The Dogs On Main Street Howl, 'Cos They Understand..." (Musings On Independence Day)

    Independence Day was just under a week ago. I'm not American, and I don't celebrate the holiday, but it is important to me for another reason - as of the 4th of July, 2016, I am now 20 years old. Two full decades under my belt.

    It couldn't come at a stranger time in my life.

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  • 100 weeks
    A (Temporary) Return To Form


    So, I'm still alive. Just about.

    I've also finished my university exams, and have suddenly discovered that I have 3 weeks of free time ahead of me, and more importantly, 3 weeks of time where I am still at uni, and therefore not at home and in the shitty situation that had me retreating from this fandom and the internet in general in the first place.

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  • 106 weeks
    Things Could Be Better

    Mainly because they've never been this bad.

    Work-wise, I'm all cleared up. Finished the last of my big assignments for the year last week, and although I have exams in May, I'm much better at organising my time around revision than I am around essays.

    But in terms of my personal life? All hell has broken loose.

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Past-due poke!

Pssssssssssst Hi meri!

2403418 Might I ask how the name of "Meridian Prime" came to be as your moniker?

Thank you! I appreciate the continued patronage.
As for how I found MLP - 2400816: A friend of mine was into the series, and curiousity got me to ask what he saw in a show about pastel coloured kids toys. It's been ponies all the way down ever since.

2394735 If I may ask, what was your experience with MLP: FiM? How did you come across the series? Did it find you or did you find it?

Comment posted by MLPFiM and Animation Fan deleted Feb 16th, 2017

2394735 Good to know, I'm sure that any future stories that you make will be as good as your current stories. I've yet to read most of your stories due to having so many more stories to read later, on. I'm also working on (read: writing) a few scripted projects of my own.

That said, I'll be sure to give my thoughts on your works, when I can.

Hi there! I'm surprised you can't find me, I go by the same name as on here - but here you are!
Don't have anything up on Ao3 yes, though I'm now starting to work on things, so watch this (and that) space!

2196571 Excuse me, kind sir or madame, you mentioned that you have accounts on places like Steam and Archive of Our Own. Yet, I can't seem to find account, anywhere. I apologize for asking such a question. i'm just curious as to wonder where I could locate them.

I'd agree with your three song streak (Identikit sort of reminds me of the sound of In Rainbows combined with I Might Be Wrong and it's fantastic, The Numbers easily matches Weird Fishes for sheer layered beauty, and Glass Eyes is just so pretty), but I'd make it four with the addition of Present Tense - I heard an early version of it about two years ago, and I've loved it ever since, and they made it even more gorgeous with the album version. One of the most sing-along songs on the album for me. I was also utterly blown away by Decks Dark. And the new mellow sound is great - I saw someone describe it as "ethereal", and I really can't think of a better fitting word for this album.
And you're very welcome for the follow and the faves - I'll definitely get around to reading your longer stories sometime too! :twilightsmile:
And thanks for the watch!

2196562 Yes! It really, really is! I liked The King of Limbs, but I was really stoked that they took a more organic and mellow approach with this one. The choir and strings fit the rest of the band awesomely.

Glass Eyes>Identikit>The Numbers is easily one of my favourite three-song-streaks from the band. Right beside No Surprises>Lucky>The Tourist

EDIT: Oh! Thanks for the faves and the follow too. It's very much appreciated. :twilightsheepish:

Haha, yes it is! :pinkiehappy: It's cropped from the Anyone Can Play Guitar single cover, though as you're asking I'm guessing you already knew that. You are the first person to ever correctly guess where it comes from - you get aaaall the cookies.
Also because I know woefully few fellow Radiohead fans in real life and I need to geek out with someone - isn't the new album brilliant?
Edit: You know, I'd been meaning to read some of your stories for a while, but seeing you here actually got me to do so! And I'm glad I did. :twilightsmile:

Is your terrifying avatar a Radiohead reference, perchance?

2126944 Aw yiss! Just what I always wanted!

2126851 Yay! Privileged elite status get! Do I get any perks?

Read It Soon (TM, Donut Steel) is actually a brand new thing, and its only got like 20 stories on it (as compared to the 3000 strong Read It Later list). So you are part of a priveleged elite! :derpytongue2: But being shameless is perfectly alright - I'm basically pure shamelessness 100% of the time anyway.

And thanks for the welcome back! It may perhaps be a short-lived one (life is kicking my arse again), but its good to be back all the same.

Didn't know you'd left, but welcome back, Meridian!

And yes, you should read "A Second Chance in Summer" soon. Maybe put it in "Read it even sooner" instead of "Read it soon". :P

Yeah, I can be shameless too, ya know. :rainbowlaugh:

My pleasure! Any time you need an extra set of eyes, feel free to ask. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fav on Fermentation. Well, that and the awesome job you did editing it:pinkiehappy:

No problem. :twilightsmile: Great character study, for both of them (the romance was nice too! :derpytongue2:)

It was a great story - you should be proud! :pinkiehappy:

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