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We're a group of readers who want to share stories that we also enjoyed. We're not about reviews or submissions. We read stories, add them if we like them, and promote one story each at the end of the month in a forum post.

Each reader keeps a log of stories they added, but our folders are cleared for fresh content each month.

There's no pressure on the reader to justify why they want to add a story, just that they like it. This is just us reading stories, and finding some that we like. We hope you find something you'll like, too.

Meet your readers below!

Noble Thought Personal Shelf
Founder, writer, reader, blogger. I like to read slice of life, romance, adventure.

ZOMG Personal Archive
Writer, reader, blogger of silliness and randomness. I read pretty much anything that catches my eye, though I am quite partial to romance and SoL. A good adventure and comedy is always welcome too! Other genres, I can enjoy, though they're not my normal cup of tea.

Foals Errand Personal Shelf
Writer, reader, Contributor for Twilight's library. You are more likely to see romance, comedy, and slice of life from my page. But, I might surprise you.

Auramane Personal Shelf
Reader, pre-reader, music geek. I'll read basically anything, though my preference is romance. I tend to prefer more long form stories, though I'll read anything that catches my eye.

Minds Eye Personal Shelf
Writer, part-time editor, and some-time blogger.

Timaeus Personal Shelf
Reader, prereader, occasional writer, and connoisseur of the worst of fanfiction. I enjoy reading mostly romance and slice of life, but I have been known to enjoy crossovers.

Avox Personal Shelf
Writer, reader, sporadic editor, and TwiLuna fanatic. I'm partial to romance, adventure, and sad stories, though I'll give pretty much anything a shot!

ThatOneWriter Personal Shelf
Voracious reader, unproductive writer, and wannabe champion of TwiShy and ScootaBelle. My favorite genres to read are comedy, romance, and sad, although I read juuuuust about anything that looks interesting. As a Twilight's Library admin and longtime site member, I've read a lot. (At least 3 million words! And that's just what's in my "favorites" and "liked" bookshelves!)

Habanc Personal Archive
A writer, reader, goofy goober, and slave to tea, I prefer long-winded stories, often falling under adventure or romance categories. Not that short stories are bad, mind you – they can be blissfully wonderful if done right – but as a general rule of thumb: the larger the word count, the more I drool.

ZodiacSpear Personal Bookshelf
Writer and reader of grand adventures. Adventure is my biggest game and original characters are my game. Will read slice of life, random, dark, and the occasional romance fiction. When I suggest stories with original characters, it means I have found a story with the good brand of OCs. Cheers!

Meridian Prime Personal Shelf
An aspiring writer, extremely occasional pre-reader/editor, and an individual who (unapologetically) spends far too much of his time reading. I lean towards longer stories, although that is far from a hard and fast rule. I'm a sucker for stories that deal with more serious themes too, but I tend to read plenty of stories of every genre and length, so expect a pretty large breadth from me.

NorrisThePony Personal Shelf
Reader, reviewer, and writer. My recommendations will probably fall into the darker genres, but really I enjoy practically anything, especially stories that feature unique and interesting OCs or well-considered character analysis.

Grand Moff Pony Personal Shelf
Author, editor, and (now) reviewer with a deep appreciation for EDM, traveling, and good single-malt. Romance, Drama, and SoL are the genres I read and write the most, but I'm open to pretty much all genres and ratings. Roseluck, Rarity, and Fleur are my muses.

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You Might Hate This

One Direction?
One Direction.

387002 Oh. I guess I shouldn't tell you that this is about to be converted into a clop group titled "You Might Like This~ (U-Unf)" :trollestia:

Finally, a break from the flood of random clop groups on the Trending Groups list. I'm in!

You Might Like This

I just might, at that. :eeyup:

Looks like a party I'd like to join.

386342 Welcome to the Dark Side! Are you surprised we lied about the cookies?

I heard there are cookies here.
Congratulations! Your group has been judged, and was found to be new. The listing of it in the New Groups ensued as a consequence.

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