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Welcome to the Golden Oak Book Club!

This is a book club for all Fimfiction members who wish to take part in group discussions of all kinds of fiction found right on this very site! This group is a place for those who love to read and to talk about what they read, and the rules are pretty simple towards that end. The rules are:

-No bashing stories; constructive criticism of stories the club has read only.
-No spoiling stories until the group discussions, as some of you will read faster than others.
-No stories are barred from discussion. However, NSFW stories will have separate discussions, and all stories must be voted on by members to be read, so controversial stories likely won't be well-received.
-Sensual fiction (i.e., not outright clop) can be suggested in the non-NSFW group, but must follow site rules in discussing it.
-Group members do not have to join the book club, as this group will also be for periodic story suggestions by myself, ToixStory, and by other readers, but book club members must also follow book club rules.
-The length cap for normal story discussion is 100,000 words, but longer stories can be discussed in separate discussion threads. Stories of different length will have different time limits to read them, as well.
-Off-topic threads should be kept to a minimum and only be used to talk about fiction, whether just simple reading, criticism, or theory.
-You may not nominate a story you have written yourself at any time.
-However, most of all, have fun!

Pretty simple, no? If you can follow all that, I invite you to join the club! We really do welcome almost any story by any author. We love fiction first and foremost, and hope you do too!

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We should be active again fairly soon. :pinkiehappy:

I think I found my new favorite group. :raritystarry:

If you can follow all that, i invite you to join the club!

Capitalization error in the group description.

I don't know about a pun, unfortunately. But yes, I know I made a pun.

375629 whether you meant it to be or not, that was a glorious pun.

I see no one has commented here. Time to change that.

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