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Are you tired of flipping aimlessly through thousands of fanfics just to find one that's actually decent? Are you tired of review groups with abstract standards that nobody can meet? Do you want a group that sets a reasonable bar for quality? Well, if any these describe you, you've come to the right place!

Welcome To Story Standards!

Group Rules:

Rules for non-reviewers and reviewers alike:

1. Please keep the comments section civil. No harassment, no comment wars, no whining, and please keep the internet poop to a minimum.
2. In general, we will try to give constructive criticism to stories that do not meet the group standards. That being said, ALL REVIEWS ARE FINAL. If you disagree, see rule 1.
3. All site rules are to be followed. Offenders will be removed from the group and reported to the site moderators.
4. Have fun! We prefer to distinguish ourselves from those other stuffy groups. As long as rules 1-3 are followed, there shouldn't be any problems.

Rules specifically for reviewers:

1. Reviewers may not, under any circumstance, review their own stories if said stories wind up in submissions. That would create unfair bias—regardless of approval or shame.
2. If a story's going to take a while to review, it's best to move it to Pending Review and go over it bits at a time.
3. If a crossover material confounds you, consult someone in the group who might know the material, and whether or not it can transcribe well with the MLP universe. If it's obscure, consult all of your fellow staff until you find someone who knows it.
4. Treat all works as fairly as you can—give them proper grades, let the author know what they can do to improve the works, and so forth. Don't rage at a story, unless there's very good reason to do so. Some of the reviewers are bound to rage, sadly, at some things—as they've been in Rage Reviews for a time. Bear this in mind.
5. If you're a contrib reviewer and not an admin reviewer, when you accept/reject a work, consult an admin to let them know a story needs moving to an appropriate folder.
6. Do not take a bundle of stories and review them in one go, unless they're written by the same author, AND they'll all be accepted or rejected in one review. Same applies to re-reviews, and collab reviews. This is only to err on the side of caution.

How our system works:

Submitted stories are read through, then graded on a scale out of 10 on the following categories: Grammar, Characterization, Use of Canon, Plot Consistency, Use of OCs, and Coherence. Extra categories for tags may be added at the reviewers' discretion.

After the review is done, the points are scored and a percentage is given. It is accepted if it scores 75% or above; otherwise, it gets rejected. Read more about our system here.


Current Staff:

-Dragonborne Fox
-General Skullcoat

-Winter Storm
-David Silver
-A British Gentleman

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When will the submissions folder be unlocked?

414696 Okie dokie lokie.

414695 kk. If nothing else, if Gira doesn't get to it when he has free time, another reviewer could. It's happened before.

414694 Ohh so they're bogged down by classes as well. As things currently stand I should be able to finish the book come summer vacation. Maybe I'll do that instead.

414693 Or whenever Gira happens to be online (he's stuck in college uni, last I checked.)

414690 I message them when the story's off hiatus?

414679 I wasn't aware. Also, it's been quite a while since I first asked, and with spring semester in full swing and midterm coming up I'd even forgotten about it.

414047 Could've just messaged shinygiratinaz about it; he's the reviewer who claimed that story for review.

Yes I was wondering something. So right now the accepted stories is is full, so would I request my story be moved to the pending file so it would be next on the list to be viewed? :rainbowhuh:

Am I allowed to request that my story The Lords of Harmony: A Tale of Two Sisters not be officially graded until the latest chapter is published? I just barely finished the first draft of ch9 about a week ago and it's awaiting edits from my friend. We also usually do 2-3 rounds of edits to smooth it out as best we can.

I don't know how often stories are reviewed, but I'd like to add mine to see how bad/good it is.

Say can any admin remove Wings on a Horizons, The Princess Court and End of Immortality off the submission folder? I already put them in the respective folders... but can't delete the from the submission folder

375667 Talk to Smaug the Golden. He's in charge of Comedy around here.

I would be willing to review comedy and slice of life fics.

375141 Here, be a contributor.

I got a story I'll post here, cuz this seems like the perfect place to find out why I got such a hate/love mix among the readers of one of my stories.

My name is ZeroChill, and I have Story Standards.

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