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Princess Luna knows her sister is hiding something. Whatever she may say, 'Daybreaker' did not seem to be some construct of Starlight Glimmer's psyche. It had been far too strong for that.

But Luna will learn that sometimes, it is better to leave well enough alone. The truth is not always kind.

My entry for the Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord contest.

Thanks to Snu AKA Snowybee, Miller Minus and MewKat for lending their ears, and their pre-reading skills (for Chapters 1-3). I definitely would not have finished this in time without them.

Chapters (5)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders try and summon a demon.

Unfortunately, they get something far worse.

On the bright side, this may finally get them their cutie marks.

Written for the Everfree Northwest Pre-Con Contest, using the prompt "Making New Friends". Pre-read by Carapace and auramane, and edited by auramane.
Special thanks to OleGrayMane for volunteering to give additional and very thorough editing.

Chapters (1)

Sometimes, a spark is just a spark. Nothing comes of it, nothing grows. But sometimes, a spark can become a fire, burning bright and powerful.
It will not last forever. But it has a beauty all its own.

A series of moments throughout the lives of Rarity and Fluttershy.

Pre-reading and editing provided by Timaeus and auramane, and also pre-read by Carapace and MewKat.
Special thanks to Feenkatze for their help with straightening this out.

Chapters (1)

Celestia admires Luna. But she does not envy her. The night turns to day once again, and Celestia remembers, and reflects.

She may not have Luna's strength. But she would not trade her gift for all the world.

Chapters (1)
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