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The Wandering Bard

"I am a singer, a poet, a musician, a storyteller. I am a bard at heart. That is who I am. That is what I shall always be." (Icon by atokota on FurAffinity))

A (Loose) Chronology

Although most of my Lyric tales are meant to be standalone stories and can be read in any order, a loose narrative has formed around them, and around her. This is for those curious as to the order of events, and it shall be updated when more stories with her are posted.

1. From Finner

2. Music of the Heart

3. The Story of the Stars

4. Just What I'm Dying For...

5. Magical Melodies

6. The Earth Ponies' Specialty

7. Guardian Halo

8. And Then, There Were None by MelancholyIguana

9. Flight

10. Night Terrors by Will-Owl-the-Wisp

11. Cirque du Poney

12. Three Simple Words

13. The Wonder of Winter

Check out my Ask Lyric blog!

Hey there, everyone! Do you want to know more about Lyric? Do you have a question about her or about Equestria? Well, now you can go ahead and ask her! She'd love to hear your questions, and she'd be happy to give you an answer.


This absolutely lovely piece was a birthday gift from Will-Owl-the-Wisp. It literally brought me to tears when I saw it. It is so beautiful, and fits my headcanon so well. Thank you, Wisp!

And this one is called Nightmare Night, What a Fright, also by Wisp! It showcases her OC, Misty Moonrise, as the Eleventh Doctor, and Lyric as the Phantom of the Opera!

This lovely picture was done by my dear friend e-tec to celebrate my first year on the site. The original can be found here. Thank you so much, my friend!

And here, we have a wonderful picture of Lyric regaling some travellers with her tales by my friend Watercolor the Pegasus. You may find the original here. Thank you so much!!!

And last, but certainly not least, we have this wonderful image of Lyric by my dear friend Haycart. Thank you so much, my friend!


Hello, everyone, and welcome to my page! I'm a brony, reader, writer, gamer, and photographer, and I love being on FIMFiction and interacting with its community! However, please keep a few things in mind:

1. Roleplays are for close friends only.
2. I will not roleplay as Lyric or Halo. Other established OCs will be on a case-by-case basis.
3. If you would like to use my OCs in a story, or would like to collaborate on a story, then please ask! But understand that I may decline.
4. Do not ask/try to romantically pair your OCs with mine. The answer will be "No," every time. (Exception: if I create a new character for the sake of a collaboration.)
5. If you would like to get in touch with me, then feel free to leave a comment or to say hello on my stories or my userpage! However, do not PM me if I do not know you. Your PM will be ignored. (Exception: if I have asked you to do so for the purpose of editing/working on a story.)
6. If I have blocked you, do not try to contact me through other means. There is a reason I have blocked you, and you will be reported.

Thank you! And I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

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A Shout-Out to Will-Owl-the-Wisp! · 1:07am Jul 2nd, 2019

Hey, everyone!

As many of you know, Will-Owl-the-Wisp is a dear friend of mine, an amazing person, and an absolutely wonderful artist to boot. She currently has commissions and art trades open on her DeviantArt account! She's simply fantastic and really deserves a lot of love and support, so I'm here to spread the word.

Cheers, all!


A Collection of Tales

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For anyone wondering, The Cosmic Cowpony and I have been in talks about this story he has in mind!

Hello! You'll remember me as MovieMagic92. I've got a few ideas I'd like to run by you if you don't mind. I'd appreciate your opinions and feedback. I'm in no rush, being a bit busy with other projects. Feel free to leave me a comment or a PM. Many thanks and happy trails, friend!

Hello, my friend! Many apologies for the late reply. If the offer is still open, I would be happy to collaborate with you! Please feel free to send me a PM so that we can discuss it further. And I shall certainly listen to the song you shared!

Hello, friend! I was curious to know if you would be interested in collaborating with me on a story featuring Saddle Song. I've been brainstorming some ideas. I'd be happy to share them with you should you be interested. By the way, I wanted to share this song with you. Called Rhymes of the Renegades, it tells of heroes and outlaws of the Old West whose stories live on in these Rhymes. It really is a great CD - Cowboy Songs III: Rhymes of the Renegades. If you like stories, tall tales, and ballads, then this CD, and others I can recommend if you fancy the Wild West, is a must!

Hello, it's good to hear from you! I'm happy to hear that everything is going well! I hope you enjoy reading about Saddle Song. I've also got an accompanying blog with story trivia and links to a few cowboy songs (the Gene Autry link is one I've previously sent you). Please let me know what you think. Many thanks!

  • Viewing 653 - 657 of 657
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