A Group dedicated to finding all manner of unique stories whether good or bad hidden beneath all the shitty bandwagon fics that are currently stinking up the site.

This is a group for all those maverick stories that someone like Sergeant Pugsly could truly enjoy.

1) Any Fic may be added with the exception of the following.
-League of Human's Acting Villainously
-Conversion Bureau
-Cosplayers in Equestria

The reason for this is simple
All of these fics have groups that give these fics tons of heat and attention already they do not need more.
This group is for Fics that need a little more loving and are genuinely unique.

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My story was added to another group?
neat *camera click*
looks to be an interesting place.

363707 All of them are from my Favourites list and the one called Fluttershy Batwings is the one I wrote

363703 :rainbowderp: That's impressive.

363695 I put all but one story in this group

10 members but 115 stories already?!:rainbowhuh:

I think I might like it here.

I hope you enjoy the stories I put here


Ah! An independent thinker!

  • Viewing 1 - 7 of 7
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