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blue skys

HI! im just someone who makes intresting storys witch are some times insane ideas! but I hope you love my storys. cheers everypony!!! ( the cybrans will rule the world! )


fallout eqeustria what would you do? · 11:35pm Aug 27th, 2018

simple question. tell me what you OC is and what you would do in the waste land's? me personally (I'm a pegasus FYI ) id steak into the enclave and live up their for a few years then take enclave armor lots of food and ammo and go help the wastelands.

so, what would you DO?

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Thank you for watching!

Thanks for the follow!

the sole reason I'm following you is I like you OC. also I'm a good shot as well, ain't no sniper but I'm sure I could pop raider's head's if need be in the wast. ( replying to his post on my blog for those wondering. )

Thanks for the watch! I wonder what I did to deserve it though......

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