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blue skys

HI! im just someone who makes intresting storys witch are some times insane ideas! but I hope you love my storys. cheers everypony!!! ( the cybrans will rule the world! )


fallout eqeustria what would you do? · 11:35pm Aug 27th, 2018

simple question. tell me what you OC is and what you would do in the waste land's? me personally (I'm a pegasus FYI ) id steak into the enclave and live up their for a few years then take enclave armor lots of food and ammo and go help the wastelands.

so, what would you DO?

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Swift Rise is from Venezuela (like myself) and the KP is based on the "Seguridad Nacional"/"National Security" intelligence service made by the dictator Marcos Pérez Jiménez (in fact, one of the chapter's titles is a reference to the book "Se llamaba... SN"/"It was called... NS") with the documentary "Tiempos de Dictadura: Marcos Pérez Jiménez" being the main source of inspiration for the story.

Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad to know you liked the flashback part.

my favorite part was at the end, when the crystal heart showed them the past. I also liked how the story was shown to us in a kind of half documentary half POV from someone in the past. also liked the audience reactions. Also, very curious on which country swift rise is from. P.S when I first heard KP the first thing I thought of was the Gestapo or the KGB.

Hi, thanks for liking "The Great Dictator: Times of Swift Rise" so much, what were your favorite parts in it and why? I would like to know what I did so well in there.

welcome, love the story cant wait for more. and like what is AJ hidding? and who is HER?

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