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Stop the Celestia hate! Even though Luna is awesome, Celestia is cool too!

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Food Sombra for smash bros


I think she or he means GOOD Sombra.

But, we should write a story about this.

It's funny.:pinkiehappy:


Celestia and Food Sombra, I don't care one way or the other since it is not added to my headcanon

Food Sombra..?

Good we are all friends here. I dislike Dislestia because it is a villain ship, which I loath. Celestia and Food Sombra, I don't care one way or the other since it is not added to my headcanon


Yeah, it makes no sense.

I love you.:rainbowkiss:

However, gotta be honest regarding Good Guy Sombra, i'm not really that fond of it but at least it would kinda make sense. Both care deeply for their subjects and both know the burden of ruling.
And he's handsome. No Homo.:eeyup:

(I'm myself a lover of a far more heretical Celestia ship.:trollestia:)


Yeah, it makes no sence.

If you want me to explain Celestia and Sombra, I can!:raritywink:

Good, I dislike it as well.

I like Sombra and Celestia, due to the comics, however I am not involved in Celestia shipping.


However, what's your opinion on Discord X Celestia?

He's not a troll, he really dislikes the pairing, and the rape thing is something any sensible person would dislike


Is it gone?:fluttercry:

If you are trolling me, please stop. If so I will banish you from the group and be sad!:flutterrage::pinkiesick:


It will be going, sir.

Let alone that the pairing itself goes against her image but the fact that he FUCKING RAPES HER is outright disgusting and horrorfying.

If you really let such stories into your group then i really question your dedication to sunbutt.

If I read it I may remove it from the group, you know.:ajbemused::flutterrage::rainbowhuh:


Well, romance is more for lovey stuff, so I moved it to Mature and Sexy stuff.:pinkiehappy:

>Group against Celestia Hate
>First romance story added: Discord violently rapes Celestia.

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