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This story is a sequel to The Enchanted Library

Rarity enjoyed the simple pleasures of life.

Drinking tea, using magic telekinetic necklaces, fighting timberwolves, picnics with Fluttershy, meeting dragons and, most of all, befriending and spending time with an ancient alicorn spirit.

She wouldn't give it up for anything in the world.

Oneshots set in "The Enchanted Library" universe.

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Ok, this looks like it is gonna be priceless! I bet you any amount of bits you want that it is gonna be an instant Best of the Best :twilightsheepish:

Well, it was certainly... a thing....



ten out of ten


When I saw that art over Tumblr, I laughed too much.

But this is even more hilarious! Another amazing work from Mono!

Ok, this was simply wonderful! LOVED IT!

Never let fear of people reacting badly to something cause you stop yourself from writing the things you want to write.

Best advice EVER!

6932802 from the comic linked.

To the author: This was cute. Can't tell you how much I look forward to the next chapter of the main continuity.

Wow that was a lovely piece of fluff. You did great justice for the comic the cover art is clipped from. It fits your universe quite well. Also you made me remember flip books. I must have made those like in 1st grade or something. That was a fun nostalgia trip for me.

This is adorable.
I loved it. I can really imagine Twilight's frantic back and forth dashing, question after question spewing from her mouth.
Thank god there's this fluff to heal my soul from the terrifying spirit in the main fic

You made me want to make flip-books again. I am adding them into the next lesson plan I make for sure. And this was adorable fluffiness to the max. I think I was as excited as Rarity to see Twilight's reaction to the projector. I really love the way you write your characters.

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This was darling and beautiful. If i wasn't deeply annoyed by my poor art skills, I'd be making some right now!

Now this was a very charming and entertaining read, MC. :twilightsmile:

If your author's note is any indication, please, don't hesitate to write more side-stories like this. I've really enjoyed this story from its inception, and I'll just eat right up any fluff you want to write for us. :pinkiesmile::heart:

Hi! I got the cover art from a comic a friend drew for me! You can find the link in the author's description of the chapter :3

You'll be glad to know that the raritwi in this one-shot is basically a light version of the raritwi present in the next chapter of the main fic.

Thank you, Spectrum!! I'm glad you liked iiit :3

Thank youuu! Me too! I hope you'll like it when it comes out :D

Thank you, White! I'm glad you liked it! And yeah hahahah writing this made me want to make a flip book


Tomorrow is also the actual one year anniversary of the fic! :3

Ahh, thank youu! And yeah, I've kinda been admittedly really worried about the fluff in EL, but this weekend kinda made me realize that... damnit, I wrote EL for the raritwi romance! Enough hiding it and worrying about it and feeling I should tone it down!!!

Ahem... But yeah! It was fun to write and I'm glad you liked it :D

Thank you, Ferret!! I'm very glad you liked itt :3 and omg it's ok it's ok, your wonderful comments are enough!

Ahh, I'm glad you liked it, TS! Also yeah, writing Twi's reaction was so much fun pffft

Thank you, Astra! And worry not, I promise the next chapter of the main fic will not be terrifying :P


I got really excited to see you wrote this; I think I get about as much joy out of seeing Twilight's reactions to technology as Rarity does. And then the tender bit happened...

This was a really nice feel-good read.

:moustache: Aw come on you guys you couldn't wait for the pop corn to get ready!
:twilightoops: you had pop corn too?
:duck: Of course Twilight Spikey and I wanted to watch you as the main attraction, Doesn't hurt to have a little pop corn too dear.:facehoof:

"It's fairly simply"

Otherwise, this is d'awww-able. d'aww out of d'awww.

You know, the cover art alone makes this awesome.
The fact that the story is good is just an added bonus.

At first I thought you didn't put this in the main fic because it would just be treading water, with no character or plot development, but I don't feel that is the case now. I see Twilight as having an important moment here.
Did you feel that the moment wasn't momentous enough?

I didn't include it in the main story mostly because this is a past event? Like it's referenced in a chapter, and it would have felt out of place. There's also the fact that Twilight is gonna have like a big moment in the upcoming chapter so I didn't want to... go overboard? If that makes sense.

Fair enough. You wouldn't have been the first author here to put a chapter in earlier than an existing chapter, but the payoff probably isn't worth it in this case. That, and the decision is 100% up to you in the end.

Aww... this was lovely!

With a side story that's this well written, I feel I really should get around to properly reading The Enchanted Library. I'll get through those 150,000 words (or thereabouts) one day...

Thanks for writing such a nice story!

Trolling the dead like that is not very nice, Rarity.

When does pony have cell phone? :D

Well, that was cute. The author's note seemed a little irrelevant, since people have generally be responding positively in large numbers to The Enchanted Library, but I'm probably missing something there.


The author's note was mostly for me, hehe. The truth is for the longest time I've felt like I was gonna get backlash for the romance aspect of EL, so I've been subconsciously toning it down? And so this is my way of like beating down those insecurities I have? I don't know if that makes sense xD

I was so sure she disassembled it and assembled it while they were asleep. She did have the manual. :trixieshiftleft:

Haven't even read yet but hat picture 10/10.

You know, I saw the title, and I didn't right away put together what TEL was short for, and I thought it was like TIL, but for everyone. Today Everyone Learned that Twilight thinks flashlights is crazy, because that girl can shout.

Aww... that was so adorable! Princess Twilight is certainly so cute when she reacts to technology she hasn't seen before. Brilliant work, Mono!

This just makes me even more excited to see what takes place in the next chapter of TEL. And brilliant advise in your Author's Comments too, something that every writer should take to heart. But that coverart, though. :rainbowlaugh: Twilight's reactions are just priceless!

All in all, a very nice and cute one-shot. :twilightsmile: + :raritywink: = A very cute ship. (That's just my opinion though. Plenty sure many others feel different, but hey, I certainly admire Rarity and Twilight's personalities).

If Equestria's technology follows the trends Earth's did, the audio portion of that movie would be higher-tech and harder to explain than the video. I'm sure they'd use magic to turn the varying-amplitude beam of light into sound somehow, instead of a photoresistive cell and a vacuum-tube amplifier, so they won't have to teach Twilight basic electronic theory at least...

Some things we take for granted today would baffle the greatest minds of an earlier age (Imagine explaining an LED). That instruction manual was a good start toward getting Twilight out of there, I think. her appetite for learning has been piqued!

Bravo for a thoughtful little tale!

I can't help but see Nigel Thornberry every time I see the cover art. It's Hilarious.

So what you really mean is 'don't let your preconceptions of what people are going to say hold you back'?

Because I'm pretty sure people would be 100% okay with more Rarity/Twilight showing up in the Enchanted Library after the amount of slow buildup you've done.

Agreed! This isn't quite at 'sucker for a cute face' level of tease, not yet anyway. That build up hurt so good:pinkiecrazy:


We are DESPERATE for more well-paced Rarilight in TEL. Remember, you -will- catch some (tiny bit, little minuscule bit of) flak for it. But also remember that shippers are the vast majority of this community, and thus hateful little brats don't matter. We have your back.

I may or may not have squeed... a little bit... at work... in the break room... I'm a grown ass man... rather a tall one... thanks soooo much.... Seriously though, this was fun, and if a sign of things to come, even better.

“Rarity…” she said, still looking at the screen with wide eyes.

Rarity giggled. “I know.”

"Rarity…” Twilight repeated, lifting her hoof and waving at Rarity, still not bothering to actually turn to look at her friend.

Rarity giggled yet again. “I know, darling, I know.”


This little ficlet was simply ADORABLE! Cute little Twilight getting her mind blown by Rarity. And the flip book scene??? AHHH! :heart: The RariLight in this was just so good. Like ridiculously good. I needed this concentrated droplet of RariLight in my life just now! Just...GOOD JOB!

Never let fear of people reacting badly to something cause you stop yourself from writing the things you want to write.

Damn straight!

I wonder how Twilight here would react to a computer... :derpytongue2:

I got such a kick out of everypony's anticipation of Twilight's reaction! And Twilight wondering why they were all giggling at her :rainbowlaugh: Her reaction didn't disappoint, although I was a little curious about the contents of that film they put on... The harmony between magic and technology in the pony world you've created would actually be really interesting! I bet Twilight would think so too--after she got over the projector, anyways! Twilight was so adorable at the end of the chapter. She and Rarity are so cute :heart:

When I read TEL about the reference to the projector, I thought how awesome that would have been to see that moment and you did not disappoint!

I love it when authors do things like this. To me, it tells me that the authors are really invested in their stories and fans.

Thank you!

And yes hahahah I really love my silly au :P

UNNNNNNNGH!!!!! *Heart gives out from an overdose of Awesome*

Warning, Awesome is a controlled substance and must be prescribed by a doctor. Side effects include heart palpitations, sweating, hyperventilating, and in some cases death. Do not take Awesome if you are pregnant, nursing, or intending to become pregnant. Ask your doctor if Awesome is right for you.

I love that author's note. It re-contextualizes the whole story.

i don't quite understand why Twilight thinks she's trapped in the library...is she supposed to be a ghost?

Yes, she is a ghost, and the reason she thinks she’s trapped is because she is trapped in her library and has been for centuries. Remember the description, where the author said that this takes place in the same continuity as The Enchanted Library? None of this story makes sense without knowing those facts.


reason she thinks she’s trapped is because she is trapped in her library

Based on the riddle that Discord left her, it's more like the reason she’s trapped is because she believes she is trapped in her library. She'll only get out when she stops looking for the key to get out. He tricked her into trapping herself.

edited for clarity-->btw, Monochromatic, the link for the comic you referred in your Author's Notes isn't working :raritydespair:

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