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When Twilight Sparkle acquired the Power Pony comic-book spell, she thought all her bookworm dreams had come true. Sadly, her plans to live through every Daring Do novel are cut short when Rarity asks they try a romance novel.

It's one thing to reenact a cheesy dramatic love scene with your significant other. It's another thing entirely having to rescue them from being the permanent main character of a book. Literally.

Special thanks to the wonderful Maxi for the coverart! // Based off a ficlet I wrote a few years ago.

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For what it's worth, I'm very glad they didn't. This was my kind of adorable pie.

Harlequin romance novels aren't something I got to grow up with, but everything in here felt- well, fantastic, for want of a better word. It's weird saying this, but I actually wish there was more. Twilight trying to figure out exactly how to win back a marefriend who is currently separated from her by the literal law of the narrative is going straight on my favorites list for concept alone after I finish typing this, and that's not even getting into the execution (which was fantastic). I particularly love the way she resolves it as well - finally stepping into the exact role the story seems to want her to take on. Well played.

Damnit this sappy romance had just enough criticism. Get on my favourites you handsome devil.

Enjoyable. And it might make me a touch of a sadist but I kinda wish it had gone on longer with Twilight having to work harder to win her back. More instances of the spell working against her etc.

Brilliant. You never cease to amaze and entertain, Mono. From chapter 1 I was enthralled, unable to stop reading. It was intense. And how the book's time jumps were executed? Flawless. Truly another fantastic story. Well done.

Ahh, stop being so amazing! I loved it:heart: *Bows down to the Raritwi Overlord*

I was looking forward to fluff and or drabble but book Okey this is fine for me tho (totally not complaint. Totally nooott complaining ookkeeyy)

Wow great work there. I love it wery touching and surprising at moments. BTW this stories ending made me laugh until I started choking. :p 11 out of 5 form me

This is absolutely fantastic stuff, mono

Mono i know i told you this before, but you ARE the f*cking Railight queen!! Time for you to accept your crown.

Thank you, Scarlet! That means a lot :D I'm glad you liked it, and yeah, it was a really interesting fic to write. I would have liked extending it more, but at the same time it felt right and admittedly I'm not in the proper emotional state to handle writing longer fics right now! But thank you again! <3

Hehe, thank you! Glad you liked it c:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :D

Aaaaah, thanks, Rocket! That means a lot. And yay, I'm glad the time jumps were well executed :3 I was a bit worried about it hehe

omg pls no i don't wanna be the raritwi overlord, someone else be the raritwi overlord ;; (also, thank youuu, Harmony, im glad you liked it!)

What? o:


Thank youuuu, Cyne :3

This was a wonderful read and one of the better purple girlfriends fics I've read. Thanks for the story.

Oh dear, Twilight. Look what you did. :rainbowderp:

What a pleasant surprise! Having no love of romance novels before joining the fandom, Twilight's plight resonated with me. If the motivation strikes you, perhaps this narrative could be explored with the roles reversed? Rarity being put on the back hoof in her own element would be interesting, to say the least.

Okay, so. I haven't started reading this yet. But just from the description I can tell I am going to love it.

7862976 accept the crown Mono he he, you already have it

I'm usually not one for the pure romance genre, but this story was a positive delight to read, between the very real connection between Rarity and Twilight, the spell throwing a fit at Twilight's modification to the plot, and its ultimate resolution.

That was amazing! And adorable! And... and...
You and your damn stories...

First, your EL short, then the extended version, it's side stories, now this...

Great. Well, I'm a RaryTwi-shipper now...
I was able to withstand it so long...

That was a pretty cute read. I was guessing Rarity was going to be playing the role in the book initially just to mess with Twilight. The foreshadowing about the spell makes more sense though. The part that actually made me laugh the most was when Charming physically changed to be more appealing to Rarity.

The cover reminds me of animal crossing....I love the cover art!

"Rarity!" Charming repeated, looking aghast and pushing up his glasses. "Rarity, you know very well I didn't mean it that way! I only said that because I more than anypony else know how unforgiving a love for science can be! You do remember I was Prince Solaris's personal student, don't you?" He leaned in and added with a smile, "And what is his task for me to study relationships but the most intricate science of all?"

I straight up gasped out loud at that. Just, wrong!

7865105 That part didn't make me laugh, it terrified me. I thought Twilight would have to dig pretty deep to win this one, if the story was going to turn every victory she won into a defeat. However, after that instance, the story started working with Twilight and basically put her everywhere she needed to be. Twilight barely had to do anything other than be herself.

I think she got off too easily; what's the point if Twilight barely had to try? I think this story needed a steeper fall and a deeper rock bottom for Twilight to hit.

Good story, but it lets its characters off too lightly.

Of course. I love all your stories!:pinkiehappy:

(And gosh, you sound so much like Swan in writing!)

I liked this. Cute, interesting idea, and oh boy does it give me a terrible idea for a story/sorta sequel I shouldn't write because I doubt you'd approve. :twilightblush:

I looooooved it! I loved it I loved it!

Such a wonderful little story!

I actually thought Rarity had her memories from word go and was trying to awaken Twilight's latent romantic side, but what actually happened worked better, I think.

Twilight was the BOSS at the end of the novel and I'm STILL grinning over it!

Loved it! :heart:

When Rarity leaned back, she let out a dreamy sigh and brushed back Twilight's wet bangs with her hoof. "Have I told you that kissing you simply never gets old?"


That was super cute and fluffy.

And I'm writing. ^^;

(Maybe I can edit it so it doesn't seem like it connects to your story, but it looks like I'm doing this silly idea.)

“Twilight!” Rarity gasped, breaking character and looking around the balcony, eyes growing wide. She trotted over to the railing and looked down at the glittering capital. “How did you— But, we’re still inside the book! You’re not supposed to be able to—” She turned back to Twilight. “But the spell—! Isn’t this against the rules?”

Gulping down whatever embarrassment still plagued her, she leaned in so that her muzzle was inches apart from Rarity’s. “Rules? I make the rules.”

I'm sorry, but those sentences just reminded me of this:

Anyways, great read!

7865180 I think the point wasn't to make her suffer, but to force her into a cheesy romance plot. Once it had changed from Twilight trying to disrupt the spell to Twilight trying to win Rarity over, it was happy to just run with things.

I've never read a double-sapped romantic comedy (sappy romance wrapped up in more sappy romance) and I never knew how much I wanted it before.

Truly the only thing cheesy enough to leave Rarity flustered like that. That ending was just perfect. :raritystarry:

Aww, geez. I'm not usually one for sappy romance novels, but this was pretty great. I don't even ship these two.

7867647 Oh, good point. That makes sense.

"If I go with him," Rarity asked, "will my book have a bad ending?"
"No," Twilight replied.
A small silence.
"Will it have a bad ending for you?"
"Yes," Twilight replied, bowing her head down.

The Butterfly Effect and Edge of Tomorrow feels is strong in this one :fluttershbad:
A pretty creative idea and impressive description :yay:

I guess the spell is moving so that Twilight and Rarity end up together by the end anyways.

and seeing the normal cover.

Aww, when I read that I was thinking about the punchline being Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash finding a book that featured Rarity and Twilight on the cover. This line preempted that, though.

That is what you get for messing with tropes without advanced knowledge of them. Must not have tvtropes in Equestria.

Also wouldn't Twilight be the bearer of the element of magic/be the element of magic at this point? I mean Spike is technically correct (the best kind of correct) but Twilight would know her own titles, probably, maybe if they were in some kind of list format.

Anyway nitpick aside time to dive into another MC story :twilightsmile::raritywink:

Guess she remembered her title after all.

Another great story. Thumbs up for you.

“Rules? I make the rules.”

I believe the expression for that is "panties dropped." Like, damn.

Monochromatic, I always wonder how you keep coming up with so many new plots for the same couple and always come up empty. But please, never stop. Ever.

Bahahahahhah... Twi... I thought you could predict the love triangles in these things. Still, it's acute plot line that you're being so obtuse about it, am I right?

...Heh, I'll show myself out.

Or... Oh noes! The magic tendril things are carrying me to the next chapter, darn it allll......

Did anyone else find the brainwashing part of this premise to be incredibly disturbing? I was expecting Rarity to freak out when she came back to her senses, especially since she's been brainwashed before to decidedly unpleasant results. Sure, the ending is sweet, but the horror of being trapped in a piece of fiction never got properly addressed. Maybe an epilogue to straighten that out?

mono mono mono this is really really good

Twilight's the princess of the magic of friendship, I suppose, so in a way, they both are correct. :raritywink:

Love this story so far, btw.

“I was ascended into alicornhood for creating a brand new form of magic, something even Starswirl the Bearded hadn’t been able to do.”
Gulping down whatever embarrassment still plagued her, she leaned in so that her muzzle was inches apart from Rarity’s. “Rules? I make the rules.”

The epicness. That last statement alone put you upon my favourite writers' podium. Keep going with the great job, love your stories.

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