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Every Friday, from five in the afternoon to eleven at night, Pinkie Pie does volunteer work. She doesn't have to do it, the world won't stop if she doesn't, but she chooses to do it anyway. Even if it's doing seemingly insignificant little things.

It is a matter of life and death, after all. Literally.

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I remember you talking about this one.

Glad to see you decided to publish it.

Oh that simply was a fantastic read.

Thank you for writing this.

Thank you for taking the time to write this. It was well executed and (in my eyes anyways) good at staying tactful and heartfelt without necessarily being an overly sombre story.

This is, quite possibly, one of the most important stories I've read in a very long time. Pinkie is such a good, positive person, and she does seem like just the type to want to help everyone in any way she feels capable.

It's also maybe not the center of the piece, but I love the interactions between Rarity and Rainbow, the two of them with Pinkie, and between Pinkie and Rainbow. They seem so real, so lifelike, that as a reader, I just fell into the story.

I am definitely storing this away for rainy days. Thank you, Mono.

This was empowering I think. Which is good because I can't come up with different word. :pinkiesmile:

This story is not TEL, it is different!

(sorry, that was a very bad joke)

Hey, new fan through the enchanted library ^^

A story written by Monochromatic that isn't RariTwi!?
What sort of blasphemy is this!?

lol jk. Loved the story

This would be the part where I say that this story is amazing and written with your usual standards, but I can't this time. I'd like to say that this version of pinkie you made is one of the best I've ever seen, but that's not what's important here.
This struck a chord. It was well written, it was uplifting, it was powerful.
It was beautiful. And.. I know a few friends I think should read it.

This is... nice. Just the right words lined up in just the right order. Thanks.

"I volunteer at the local suicide helpline center," she said simply, the words leaving her mouth unbidden.

The reaction was immediate.

"You what?!" Rainbow asked, dropping the salt shaker on the table and looking at her friend as though she were ill. "Why?! Are you okay?!" She placed her hands on the table. "Pinkie, is there something you haven't told me!? Is someone hurting you?!"

Pinkie ~ *Blinks* "...I said I volunteer, Dashie."

Dash ~ :rainbowderp: :facehoof: "Right. Sorry."

This is one the best aspects of the human world in terms of fan fiction, allowing us to explore the characters through facets of life that would strain disbelief in Equestria. Excellent work here. Thank you for it.

Also, I find Honeydew's disapproval of the skinny Flash character models amusing on multiple levels.

Well, it was good. Great even.

It just didn't have enough Rarity in it for me to say that Rarity is in it.

Introspective Pinkie Pie instead? That's different.

Just as good, too.

Majin Syeekoh

This story is very different from most of the other stories on the site—that section rang very true to me.

It's also a very good story, because it's different. It's a very hopeful story about a delicate subject that conveys its message without resorting to the theatrics most stories that broach this subject do.

Honestly, reading this story kind of makes me want to cry the more I think about it because of the raw vein of hope that runs through it, but I'm at work right now and also I'm ugly when I cry and no one wants to see me when I'm ugly.

I'm really glad that I decided to read this. Thank you for surprising me with something I didn't know I wanted to read.

Well, didn't expect to see something that hit so close to home out of you Mono.

I urge you to add help links to your fic.

https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ 1-800-273-8255 The suicide prevention lifeline is a multi-lingual U.S. based program that helps anybody and everybody, including getting you in touch with local help centers. Additionally they provide help for deaf sufferers.

http://www.suicide.org/index.html - Suicide.org is a great... unofficial? I guess is the best word for it, resource for help. It's a non-profit originally organized by just one guy to aggregate many different kinds of help. They have the number for just about every type of mental help you can imagine, including text lines in case you don't feel like verbally speaking to someone about your problems.

When I was suffering from depression in College, I would never have sought help if seeing it in a random forum hadn't made it that easy. It may seem cheesy to just add some links and numbers, but if you help just one person... it would be completely worth it.

And for anyone suffering from depression, don't EVER think you can't call just because you're not suicidal/pre-suicidal. Just suffering from depression is serious. If you need to talk about your problems because you don't want to with anyone you know? CALL THOSE NUMBERS!

Very touching story you've written here, Mono. As someone who has ended up calling the hotline before, it's a rather encouraging story to read.


Also, if you're in the Orange County area and are looking for a "sketchy taco joint...that, like, never closes", my personal recommendation is Taqueria Mexico.

Mono-tested and Mono-approved.

O-Okay, that was empowering. As others have said, this feels like the perfect thing for Pinkie to do, just try and help others any way she can to the best of her ability. ...Great, now I want to get up and do something besides laying around in front of a computer all day. Something that really matters.

Comment posted by Monochromatic deleted Sep 20th, 2017

To everyone reading this, first and foremost, thank you, but also, if possible, please take a moment and send positives thoughts to my home country Mexico as it was devastated by an earthquake yesterday. If you are able and want to help in other ways, I've posted a blogpost with more information.

Thank you.

If you ever take me to Taco Bell ever again, I'm moving back to Mexico.

Thanks, Jyky. That means a lot <3


Thanks Hale, I've added the links to the description.

Majin, I'm not gonna lie, I thought about you several times when writing this. Remember what I told you? How I've stopped writing for me? This was me starting to write for me again. So it means a lot that you liked, because you know what that's like <3

And yeah, I wrote this to vent my feelings, but I didn't want it to be a story that drowned in sadness. Sometimes life is sad, but it doesn't mean there isn't a way forwards.

Phyco, you of all people knows I love Rarity, but I couldn't give her more screentime or else I'd have made the story about her. She's gotta share that limelight, yo.

I'm glad you liked it! :3c

Thanks, Fan! That means a lot. I was initially unsure about taking the world to such, uh, real levels, but I'm glad I did.



This story was very much inspired by TEK's current arc, though. The difficulties of being in pain, and the collateral damage we inflict on our loved ones when we are in pain.

That is a very good word, though. Thank you for saying as much.

Eyyyy, EL! Thanks for being a fan.

Thank you, Twelve. Your comments means a lot, especially coming from you <3

I'm glad you said that. I tried really hard to make sure the story was tactful, as I know this is a delicate subject. But it's a subject I feel there needs to be more conversation about.

Thanks for reading, Neb!

Thank youuu! I'm glad you think so! also A+ Rarity icon

Sometimes you gotta write that you gotta write.

Available Words: 0

Majin Syeekoh

That's funny, because our conversations kept popping up in my head while I was reading certain parts of this. I suppose maybe that's why it struck me so hard—because like you said, we go through similar struggles in certain aspects, so while you were writing about you, I was reading about me.

I also sensed that it was somewhat personal because it felt very real, almost veering on uncomfortably so. Like hitting a nerve, I guess.

God mono you're making me face my feelings.;_;<3

Thank you

I think this story is handled very well, and I understand sometimes touching these subjects can be something difficult to bring about, especially without being melodramatic. I feel like this story does more than just invoke feels, and was handled brilliantly. So well done.

On a writing note, I think you do perspectives brilliantly. If I didn't know better (or didn't check every other story you wrote), I'd say you probably spent your entire FimFiction career specifically working on writing Pinkie Pie. Good job :twilightsmile:

One time, a once dear friend of hers had been very sad for a very long time. They’d been talking in Sugarcube Corner, and so her friend had stormed off in a teary huff after Pinkie had advised her to “just try to be happy! Don’t be sad!”.

She had said Pinkie didn’t understand.

“We-Well, that’s not really nice things to say, but they don’t mean it!” she offered, fidgeting in her seat. She unlocked her phone and looked at the feed. “Suicide isn’t something you joke about if you’re serious about it! No one should even joke about it, but, like, this tweet is from Birdy Paint, and I know her! She’s just joking!”

“Is she?” he asked. “How are you so sure?”

“I…” Pinkie faltered. “I’m not…”

He hummed. “What’s the saying? Many a true word is often spoken in jest? It’s easy to say things like that as a joke because if people don’t take it seriously or are uncomfortable, well, hey, it’s just a joke!”

Pinkie stood up almost immediately, balling her fists. “I’d never not take it seriously!”

“But your friends won’t know that if you don’t show them you do take it seriously,” he replied.

Pinkie’s hands loosened. “...Oh.”

“You know why we get so many calls?” he asked.

Pinkie sat down on her chair, kicking at the floor like a chastised child. “‘Cause they don’t think anyone else will take them seriously…”

“Among many other reasons,” he said. “Not wanting to burden your loved ones, or wanting them to worry, or feeling you’re not worth worrying over because it’s not serious.”

This is much closer to reality than you'd expect. You'd be surprised just how many people think that happiness is some sort of stupid choice, and the problem isn't a hormonal imbalance in your brain. People don't realize you're actually sick.
Joking about it, at least for me, comes from some sort of attempt to escape the reality of the idea. I think the term is "Refuge in Audacity." Nobody really wants to die, they just don't want the life they have now anymore, and your options for changing that are fairly limited.
Anyway, you managed to hit closer to home than a lot of people. Good job.

Thank you so much for writing this. I'm struggling to find words to express my feelings about it, but it's certainly made me think about things and I absolutely love the feeling of hope that it's brought. Pinkie was really inspiring. I adored how you portrayed her. The whole thing just felt real and meaningful.

I'll admit, I was scared to start reading this because I wasn't sure how it would make me feel, although I did know that I would love it either way. But it's honestly made me smile.

Oh, and, 8438283, 8438384, thank you both for talking me into reading this. :pinkiesmile:

What?! You’re totally the best at stuff! Who made you feel like you aren’t?! I’ll fight them!”

“Woah, calm down!” Rainbow exclaimed, smiling at her friend. “No one said anything, you dork. I was the one thinking about it.”

“You?!” Pinkie exclaimed. She balled her fists and put them up. “I’ll fight you!”


also sorry I don't have anything profound to say about the story. ^^;


She's gotta share that limelight, yo.


Aww, this was so sweet.

Although, something's that always bothered me: shouldn't the Mane 6 be in college by now? In the first movie, they were already in their 4th year (judging by the pictures of Sunset on the wall, a Fall Formal every year) and it seems like every movie is a year. (And SchTwi transferred from Crystal Prep to Canterlot High). I'm just curious.

And great job on this <3

8438898 I mean, probably, but considering that they're adults in the show, yet the first EqG had them as high schoolers, I'm pretty certain the people in charge of writing EqG pretty much just never cared about age discrepancies.

Oh, yeah, I guess so. Thank you my glorious mwap flop.

Well done, this was really well done.

Speaking of fighting people... Who in the mother bucking Tartarus down voted this story!? I'll fight them! 1v1 me irl you fatalistic piece of pony cake. Or is it a pony pie?

As someone who suffers from depression, this spoke to me.

Just another reason for me to like Pinkie.

You make Pinkie Pie even more lovable, simply because she helps a group of overlooked heroes (suicide hotline employees) cope with an emotionally-shattering responsibility.


Oh, gosh, the scene break lines.

~ o ~ ###-###-#### ~ o ~

Is that because Pinkie's working at a phone center? Super clever!

Also, while I've never been in such a dark place, I can definitely sympathize with not wanting to burden people with my troubles. This was a really nicely written story, and I'm glad you put so much work into the research!

A beautiful amazing story, Mono.

It was powerful, and it instantly earned its place on my All Time Favorites list.

Also, have a song.

I didn't know what to expect going into this, and I'm glad I took the time to get back to it. The story hit deep. Because I kinda find myself where Pinkie is sometimes. With friends who have issues and not sure how to help them.

Not to mention how you portrayed all the characters in this. Particularly Pinkie. It's another aspect to what makes her her. Her love of making everyone smile. And if she can't reach that one person, she makes the person who can smile. Heck, I'm smiling after reading this. Thank's for the awesome story, Monochromatic!

Had to come back and read this a second time, the story just feels so real. Nothing feels like it's forcing the lesson on you, everything feeling organic and just so....real. I really don't know a better word, but thank you for writing this.

I'll admit this one hit a little close to home. Even people with depression may go on not fully knowing they have it.

Gonna have to read this at some point, though I admit what caught my eye when I saw it in the feature box was the title. For a weird moment I thought my story The Choices We Make had been featured.

Sounds interesting though and it's in one of my lists!

I've been in that dark place long ago and know so well the importance of someone or something you can hold onto as a lifeline, however small and fragile it may be. I've also seen the toll trying to help can take on someone and felt some of that weight myself.

You got it right. This story is real, hopeful and beautiful. I'm glad I found it.

What? No, I'm not leaking liquid sadness. Y-yeah. I'm crying liquid joy. :raritydespair:

Touching story, Mono! Proves that even outside of RariTwi, the way you write the FiM characters still surpasses most.

Or should I say, different? :trollestia:

Anyways, as someone who coincidentally is about to work at a suicide and homeless center for hours to graduate — despite me only being a freshman— I can't wait to be able to relate this story in real life in a couple of weeks. And while I most likely be won't be answering calls, this story really pumped me up.

That was nothing short of beautiful. I feel no shame in admitting that I teared up a little.

A friend of mine from high school took his own life not long after graduation, and to this day I don't know why. It's often impossible to tell, because no-one wants to be a bother.

This fic is short, has a potent message, and is Important.

This was so wholesome. Pink Ponk best Pone. Thanks for writing this. Also according to Swan you've been to OC? Hit me up next time you're in town!

Wait, that's like 5 miles north of the music studio I live in.

Are you telling me you live in Orange County and have never been to a SoCal Bronies meetup?!


Aww, this was so sweet.

Although, something's that always bothered me: shouldn't the Mane 6 be in college by now? In the first movie, they were already in their 4th year (judging by the pictures of Sunset on the wall, a Fall Formal every year) and it seems like every movie is a year. (And SchTwi transferred from Crystal Prep to Canterlot High). I'm just curious.

And great job on this <3

As far as the pictures of Sunset go, remember that the Fall Formal isn't the only dance at which Sunset could have been crowned -- there's also a Spring Fling. My best guess is that the first movie begins early in the girls' 3rd year and the following three movies take place during the same school year (or in LoE's case at the beginning of summer break). I'm not sure why you think every movie is a year? They only seem to take place over a few days each.

So (still my best guess) the three pictures of Sunset are probably from the 1st year Spring Fling, 2nd year Fall Formal, and 2nd year Spring Fling respectively. (Presumably she didn't win the 1st year Fall Formal because nobody knew her yet.)

I plead the fifth.

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