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Discord = Best Waifu Potential · 1:05am Oct 30th, 2017

Key word here is POTENTIAL. Currently my personal favorite is Luna due to how cute and social she is. Not only that, but very open to trying a variety of new experiences. Plus the fact that I enjoy staying up late and enjoy the late would help a lot as well I am sure. I am sure other people would argue that Celestia or Book Horse is Best Waifu and that is fine.

Now as to Discord...he has what I would say Near Unlimited Waifu Potential.

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I 'have' to watch and follow you on your excellent choice of name....

Thanks for the follow!


Thanks for the fave on "Human After All!" :pinkiesmile: Oh, and, uh...

MOAR Gadget and/or Robot Pony Waifu! >=)

Well, I’ll say more when my afterword comes out, but as for there being more from them...
Yeah. There will be. :pinkiesmile:


Told ya. :raritywink:

Typically I prefer Coffee, seeing as how I'm a MUCH bigger fan of Luna, than I am of Celestia.

Tea or coffee?//////////////////////

Well, I’ll say more when my afterword comes out, but as for there being more from them...
Yeah. There will be. :pinkiesmile:

MOAR Gadget and/or Robot Pony Waifu! >=)

I see you faved and commented on “Gadget’s Gift.” I’m glad you liked it; I’m pleased with how it turned out too. :pinkiesmile:

Keep pumping out more good stuff an you can expect more in the future >=)

You'd think so, but it seems the more witty jokes and references I put into them, the less do people know what to comment on. :pinkiecrazy:

2439669 Well thank YOU for all the lovely compliments on my page ^_^

Besides, you create quality stories, and people are more likely to give quality comments! At least that's how I see it o.o

Thank you for the Fave on A Canterlot Mending, and thank you so much more for all the thoughtful comments you left on it. :heart:

Oh, I got a lot of those in the works. For example this one, for the same contest.

2437915 Oh I already did! Hence the fav. Now you just go update me when you go produce more unique pairings/ideas/twists >=)

Thank you for the fave on Dense as Diamonds. Please enjoy your purple marshmallow fluff. :raritywink::twilightblush:

Thanks for the fave!

2412906 Awww...well thank you for all of that, and for producing such lovely Ship Fics!! I have to say you have so many wonderful stories! I really look forward to what you will produce in the future! <3

2382316 Oh yes you did a great job. Enough where I just assumed I had read the previous story long ago and forgot the details. I have read some Sunset x Twilight stories before, so ^^;

Though later I will have to read the previous chapters! Though right now I'm addicted to reading stuff from a different author who wrote this massive fanfic. I am currently on chapter 825 out of 931! Though I do take breaks from time to time to read other stories, ESPECIALLY when traveling to and from my college.

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