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In honor of Christmas Hearth's Warming, may we present one of the best stories on this site:

Sad Slice of Life

When you fear the cure worse than the affliction, how can you ever hope to recover? For Berry Punch, there's never been an easy answer.

And when she is forced to confront consequences worse than any she could have imagined, it's just going to get harder.

With only her newfound desperation to drive her forwards, Berry Punch throws herself into what might truly be her last living attempt at recovery.

Story Approvers:

Charles Spratt
Dapper Guy
Soap Box
Savoured ThoughtsSmaug the golden

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405910 Speaking of that, I also noticed that the Bad-Fic Bin group's logo was a recycling symbol. Isn't that better than a trash can?

Funny how the goodfic bin is a trashcan XD

405489 Well you are very late to that mate :rainbowlaugh:

That was one of the stories I was planning to submit for the month of December 2015! :raritydespair:

Hi, I'm new and I have a question, are any of you guys still active I've go two stories I want to submit into the self-promotion thread, but I'm just wondering if you guys are still active... :twilightsmile:

I think somepony blew up Twilight's Library for this place. What a conspiracy.

394966 Hey. Where do I submit my fic I I want it reviewed?

Would i be able to add my story too this?this- or no because it only has 265 views I mean it has 14 likes and 4 dislikes,is 4 dislikes too many?sorry I have no idea how this group works

Nearly 700 members. 'Tis thrilling to be hold the growth of our little corner of FiMFiction. :raritywink:

Ha. Back on the trendy-wendy listy-wisty!

395681 It's likely that when it does open, we'll be limiting the number of submissions at a given time to prevent one person flooding ten or so stories at once. However, we do intend for it to open as soon as possible.

Seriously. I leave the front unattended, and this is what happens! You pansies make me sick! Enemy has already taken several key locations during my absense!

I hope the "Submissions" folder opens soon. I wanted to submit some good fanfics there.

395670 hmm, I still can count that on my current set of hands... You must not be trying hard enough.

500 members! That's more than I can count on eight fingers! Eight whole fingers!

That does work better. Thank you! :twilightsmile:

Now for me to offer a small piece of advice that I've just recently noticed regarding pictures, : If you are using a picture that you got from derpibooru, I'll use this one as an example, you may notice the word "large" near the end of the URL. Sometimes it might be easier to resize the pic just by editing that section of the URL to "medium" or "small," instead of trying to resize it using imgur.

However, I'm not sure how many other sites have something like that, so depending on where you usually get pictures, I could just be rambling a little right now. :derpytongue2:

394210 We were about due a change anyways I reckon. :ajsmug: Found another cute pic of them. It was even bigger than the last one, but I re-sized it. Should be more manageable now.

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