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Here is a GEM that got lost under the radar last year. Happy Hearth's Warming!

EFrozen Apples
Not all Hearthswarmings end well, some don't even start well.
Conglomerate · 4.7k words · 208 views

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Please remove

[Adult story embed hidden]

from this group. This story that I wrote is in The Badfic Bin group.

A question. JimboTex and ShadowblazeCR are paid editors, or do they edit mature stories?

I would like to know if any of them would like to help me.

Why the heck is You Can Fight Fate in the clopfic section?

I mean, it’s a goodfic, but certainly not a clopfic.

Funny how the goodfic bin is a trashcan XD

405489 Well you are very late to that mate :rainbowlaugh:

That was one of the stories I was planning to submit for the month of December 2015! :raritydespair:

Hi, I'm new and I have a question, are any of you guys still active I've go two stories I want to submit into the self-promotion thread, but I'm just wondering if you guys are still active... :twilightsmile:

I think somepony blew up Twilight's Library for this place. What a conspiracy.

394966 Hey. Where do I submit my fic I I want it reviewed?

Would i be able to add my story too this?this- or no because it only has 265 views I mean it has 14 likes and 4 dislikes,is 4 dislikes too many?sorry I have no idea how this group works

Nearly 700 members. 'Tis thrilling to be hold the growth of our little corner of FiMFiction. :raritywink:

Ha. Back on the trendy-wendy listy-wisty!

395681 It's likely that when it does open, we'll be limiting the number of submissions at a given time to prevent one person flooding ten or so stories at once. However, we do intend for it to open as soon as possible.

Seriously. I leave the front unattended, and this is what happens! You pansies make me sick! Enemy has already taken several key locations during my absense!

I hope the "Submissions" folder opens soon. I wanted to submit some good fanfics there.

395670 hmm, I still can count that on my current set of hands... You must not be trying hard enough.

500 members! That's more than I can count on eight fingers! Eight whole fingers!

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