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♪we'll have a battle!we'll go all in it!let's have a battle!bath!Battle!battle of the bands.♪


WTF was I doing with my life? · 10:14am Oct 5th, 2016

Everything on this account is complete shit, what the hell did I think I was doing with my life? My spelling and grammar was a disgusting mess, I honestly don't see how I ever thought I could write back then. My writing skills including grammar and spelling are so much better now, I actually can use proper grammar. Everything I wrote here is complete shit that makes me cringe so much.

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You notices the new Tags?

1874031 I had no idea you had a fimfiction cool

I will read some of your stories soon. :pinkiesmile:

1050713 no prob:twistnerd: its a great story

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