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Gott schützen den Kaiser!

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Latest Stories

  • ECuriosities
    Scootaloo languishes in a museum of oddities, both a trophy of Earth Pony superiority and the lesser races' inferiority.
    Imperaxum · 2.6k words  ·  27  2 · 451 views
  • TExterminatus
    Trapped in a leering city and under the shadow of a vast fleet, a pony tries to survive in the wretched ranks of the Chaos-damned populace in the final days to the death of a world of the Imperium of Mankind.
    Imperaxum · 24k words  ·  31  2 · 902 views
  • TThe Element of Harmony
    Far into Equestria's future, the familiar history of the land is barely understood. Perhaps the Nightmare won, and Stars know if there was ever a Living Sun that tread the earth. Everything has regressed, but one young conscript is there for the end.
    Imperaxum · 7.2k words · 242 views
  • TAve Imperator
    A cosplayer is sent to the Equestria of a hundred years ago - a Victorian era of high adventure on the wild fringes of the world. Too bad he's a PDF trooper from Warhammer 40k.
    Imperaxum · 8.8k words  ·  44  9 · 1.2k views
  • TSovereign
    Tirek met his end in the Griffon Empire, cut down by gunpowder and steel; in an Equestria robbed of its Princesses, ponies with ambition try to rise above the rest of the herd.
    Imperaxum · 4.4k words  ·  12  0 · 280 views
  • TIn the Realm of Iron and Snow
    In an industrialized Equestria, the three tribes have driven themselves to destruction by ice, gunpowder, and attrition. The apocalypse came with a whimper, centuries in the making, but there's hardly any survivors left suffer.
    Imperaxum · 2.4k words · 259 views
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>Russian picture
>German bio


Thank you very much for adding my story The Railway Ponies: Highball to your Favorites bookshelf. I'm glad that you could smell the steam, feel the oil, and hear the song of steel.

Technically seen, it's 'Gott schütze den Kaiser' not 'Gott schützen den Kaiser'. Not sure if intended tho'.

1350644 Looks like I'll miss the updated box again, not that it will matter. One solid commenter and reader should be enough. I haven't gotten to that new chapter of The Doctor, the Designer, and the Horn of the Damned, but the back-to-school craziness has worn off so here it goes.

1350604 Yeah, my mouse slipped when I tried to click "edit". It'll be up later today though.

EDIT: (hopefully)

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New 40k story, by me. · 11:29pm Jun 3rd, 2016

Exterminatus. Check it out, if you like. I figured anyone who read Ave Imperator would be interested, unless you're actually as hardcore pro-Emperor as the main character of that story. In that case, a story about a pony unwillingly falling into Chaos probably isn't for you.

Report Imperaxum · 276 views · Story: Ave Imperator ·
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