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Hungry for worms? No, hungry for words!

These you must see.

Stuff I Proofread

You like hats?

Days made so far: 30! One month!
It'll be a while before I can compete with Celestia...

Right now, I write comments, not stories. You who have bothered to read this shall be the first to know otherwise. I do, however, proofread stuff!
TL;DR I can't believe anyone's read this at all.

...There is a fifty percent chance I am listening to this as I read. Doesn't matter what story or what mood it is in, I am rockin' this song in my head.

[](/gak "Hi, r/mylittlepony redditors!")

I'm mad about hats!


Bronycon was fun. · 3:30pm Oct 28th, 2014

So, yeah. As you may have figured out, I am no longer at Bronycon. It was awesome, but it was also several months ago. :twilightoops: I just needed to get that previous post off my userpage. In the meantime, maybe this post can be a belated appreciation of how canon was extended by Rainbow Rocks and the inclusion of Sunset Shimmer as a protagonist? Yeah.

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Well, that's better than what I thought. Thank you.

He's not dead yet, that's all I know.

Has Arad given you any scraps of chapters to proofread? Mente Materia has been on hiatus for so long. Have you heard anything?

2340713 And so the comments come full circle... I'll try to have my own creative spark one day, I really will.


You really should write a story.

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