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Right now, I write comments, not stories. You who have bothered to read this shall be the first to know otherwise. I do, however, proofread stuff!
TL;DR I can't believe anyone's read this at all.

...There is a fifty percent chance I am listening to this as I read. Doesn't matter what story or what mood it is in, I am rockin' this song in my head.

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I'm mad about hats!


Bronycon was fun. · 3:30pm Oct 28th, 2014

So, yeah. As you may have figured out, I am no longer at Bronycon. It was awesome, but it was also several months ago. :twilightoops: I just needed to get that previous post off my userpage. In the meantime, maybe this post can be a belated appreciation of how canon was extended by Rainbow Rocks and the inclusion of Sunset Shimmer as a protagonist? Yeah.

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Well, in case you couldn't tell from the user image, the userpage, and all the miscellaneous marshmallow sitting around, I think best pony is...

Fluttershy! :raritystarry:

After that is Rares, Ponk, then bookhorse and worst pone. That's all. Didn't forget any.

How do you rank the mane 6 in order from favorite to least favorite?

Well, that's better than what I thought. Thank you.

He's not dead yet, that's all I know.

Has Arad given you any scraps of chapters to proofread? Mente Materia has been on hiatus for so long. Have you heard anything?

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