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Hungry for worms? No, hungry for words!

These you must see.

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You like hats?

Days made so far: 30! One month!
It'll be a while before I can compete with Celestia...

Right now, I write comments, not stories. You who have bothered to read this shall be the first to know otherwise. I do, however, proofread stuff!
TL;DR I can't believe anyone's read this at all.

...There is a fifty percent chance I am listening to this as I read. Doesn't matter what story or what mood it is in, I am rockin' this song in my head.


I'm mad about hats!


I made a story. It's not about horse. · 1:33am Jun 26th, 2022

While I may never have reached the aspiring heights of a horse famous word weaver, I did eventually graduate from proofreading content to producing content. And I'm pretty proud about it, so... hey! Why not strut it around for those who followed me in the past?
...But I can't link it directly, as the site that hosts it is not SFW. The story is, to be clear, safe for work. It is about work, even. Still, rules are rules.

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Well, in case you couldn't tell from the user image, the userpage, and all the miscellaneous marshmallow sitting around, I think best pony is...

Fluttershy! :raritystarry:

After that is Rares, Ponk, then bookhorse and worst pone. That's all. Didn't forget any.

How do you rank the mane 6 in order from favorite to least favorite?

Well, that's better than what I thought. Thank you.

He's not dead yet, that's all I know.

Has Arad given you any scraps of chapters to proofread? Mente Materia has been on hiatus for so long. Have you heard anything?

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