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FYI: I am mostly dead. Don't expect much from me.

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Comment posted by ImChangingmynameforreaso deleted January 29th

Hey, thanks for following me and for reading my stuff and stuff.

Comment posted by ImChangingmynameforreaso deleted January 29th

Thanks for the watch!

1984725 oh yeah, heres something you may like (well, as much as browser games can be liked anyways :ajbemused:). https://www.kixeye.com/ check out battle pirates for starters. surprisingly, this dev, Kixeye, actually did manage to make an actual mmorts game. well, the combat is real rts style anyway. (hint for battle pirates: make a weak but fast fleet of ships and hit the 1st battle of the first campaign then exit said campaign upon winning the fight for sweet resource loot and some easy exp for the ships. :raritywink:)

usually you get base building + garbage turn based combat. that's only half rts, right? well, with battle pirates you get base building plus actual rts combat. and that is QUITE the rare sight among browser based games. also, i don't remember but i think the space themed game is much the same.

1984427 ah, ok, knew i had seen it somewhere. good company and creators of one of my fave rts franchises. :)

1983484 It is the company logo for Westwood Studios.

hmmm... what game is you're avatar from? i know i've seen that logo before and i'm fairly certain it was from a game but i don't know which.

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