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Ello, I'm known mostly by my username ToraOkami but you can call me Tora~ I'm the mod of Ask Manechester Ponies~ I'm always willing to talk , though I'm shy so you might have to approach first.


Question · 8:40pm Jan 10th, 2014

After a comment on a story where one of my ponies was used by a friend I started thinking about my ponies' names. My friends receive them all well, but I wanted to get additional opinions anyway.

Are these good names for ponies?
Night Shield: A nocturnal unicorn with a talent for making magical barriers and shields. Alive back in the two sister's first rein. Has a slightly younger sisters, parents were killed during the rein of Discord.

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1075730 Keep up the great work~ I've been meaning to read "Wonderbolts Under Fire" as well. I should really get on that :P

1075156 Your Welcome, keep up the great work :heart:
1075169 No problem.

I'm glad you enjoyed my story I'm Your Wing. :twilightsmile:

Oh and for all the very helpful point outs of mistakes I made, those were really helpful.

Thank you for favoriting my story, I am so glad you have enjoyed it! Thanks!

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