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Hey, that's a thing! · 7:23am Jul 29th, 2015

I'm well and truly getting back into the swing of actually writing, an update will be forthcoming.

At present, I'm about 60-65% done with the most recent chapter and I'm hoping to have it finished in the next week or so.

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Comment posted by Black Hoof deleted June 16th


Can you please update "Friends Have Issues". I loved the other one thanks to a reading I found of it, also because of your first story is why I love SoarinDash. Please, please do more I love it so much so far.

So yeah just wondering if it was still alive? Just so I don't get too excited about the next friends have issues just to find out it's cancelled! Plz tell me it's still on!:applecry:

Comment posted by Chienne1 deleted Mar 29th, 2015

Hey, sorry to bother but is friends have issues cancelled? I really like it and would love to read more I understand it's on hold but was curious as for how much longer:scootangel: plz don't cancel it... SOOOOO good

Awesome. I really hoped it was still alive cuz it is by far the best Pacific Rim crossover. Possibly even my most favorite story.


Alive and kicking, I've just had a lot of issues with the next chapter. I think I've scrapped most of it twice now and started again and probably only in the last week have I got something I'm reasonably happy with. Should be done soon., I hope.

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