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meh I'll put it on later...

Notes To Self.

I really need to get a new picture of myself. I STILL have no idea how anypony got their hooves on that close-up of me back in that school play....

Apartment Room 16B, Cumulus Heights, Canterlot, EQ 10032

(Image is copyright to GRIN)

"Yeah it's a little run down, but it's cheap, spacey and pretty comfy, for me it's home."

Noteworthy stuff!

-Formidable Aerial Expertise
-Skilled in Pegasi Martial Arts.
-Strangely Adept in Charming Individuals
-Adept in creating Weather Phenomenon. (Lightning Bolts, Sudden Downpours, Mini-Tornado's etc.)
-Dangerously Skilled in Ranged Weaponry. (Throwing Knives, Darts, Bow and Arrows, etc.)
-Surprising ability to play Most musical instruments.
-Notable Singing Voice
-Quick Reflexes
-Some Degree of Insight
-Radiates a Comforting and Relaxing Aura
-Skilled Actor
-Skilled Acrobat.

Has made an appearance as:
- A Minor Character in Twilight and the Spartan Stallion 2 By Aegis Shield.
- A Minor Character in Equestrian Earth The MMORPG by ChaoticNote
- A Supporting Character in Equestrian Earth: A Life Beyond His Own, a spin-off of ChaoticNote's Equestrian Earth The MMORPG, by Nxegex

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The Pink Sausage Entity has seen your favorite of Shattered Souls. It will take this succulent sustenance.

The Illuminait have gathered to discuss your favorite of A Human, a Pony Princess, and a Mistake. They have approved.

I hope so too, I have a damn curse at stoping stories like this after the third chapter and I wanna break it.

The story itself and the fact that not all the mares are so condescending towards the MC, I've seen stories like this before and they tend to die after a few chapters but I hope yours makes it through to the end!

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Looting time! (That Pegasus' Choice) · 3:02am May 17th, 2013

Search the cabinets. Take anything of use.

Considering the dangers outside, it's best to be prepared! You begin to pull open drawers and cabinets, searching through the contents for anything that might prove useful to surviving this strange place. You bury your head and hooves in the dusty drawers and cabinets, more than once you had to take a break from your looting to clear out your now stuffed up nose!

Stat gained!

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