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D&D "Season Finale" · 7:28am Jun 10th, 2013

For those of you who read my D&D escapades, I have just gotten home from my most recent session, which I and all of my players are declaring as the end of a major Arc. A "season finale" if you will, which will continue onto season two next week. I have titled this session "The Darkening Skies" in my usual literary format, and it started as thus...

This week, we had three players at the beginning of the session.
Greg as The Knight with his cohort The Hood

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Wait what does he mean I'm changing the canon? I haven't changed the events of the first five chapters that much.

Status update or i bop your nose.


Yeah honestly ive lost interest in the main series. he changed alot of it and it just lost my interest in it.

thanks for the update though.

Hope you feel better soon. though I don't see how his continuity change would affect your story unless your trying to keep it in continuity to an on going story. (it's like every anime that adapted a manga and ran so long it caught up ever) your gonna need filler :P and your filler is probally gonna cause plot holes. :D Good luck *hug*

1004448 Yes, I'm alive in a sense. I'm just dealing with a bunch of things that are keeping me too depressed to write; plus I'm upset about chaotic changing his stories canon that meshes in with my story and kind of invalidating part of it.

your last activity in your comments box was 20 weeks ago you still alive?

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