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Hi! I'm some guy who flails at a keyboard and then suddenly has popular changeling fanfiction. If anybody finds out how I did it, please tell me.

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Someone pick up the phone · 11:42am Aug 21st, 2016

Because *ahem*

I called it.


For those of you, who can't for the life of them remember who I am, hi, I'm Niaeruzu, and a couple of years ago, I wrote a fanfic about a changeling. It wasn't good, but it was still popular. I continued writing about changelings for a while until I had to quit because of mental issues.

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Its been years i read your story. What a great luck i found it again!

Comment posted by Gorgeous Freeman deleted May 8th, 2019

It's been little more than three years since I last messaged here. I am sad when I check for updated fics in my watch list and none have your brilliant stories. I truelly hope you are doing well and that you are in the best of minds. Hope to see you return as always. <3

Come back, everyone misses you.

I think I found out how you dd it! You just rock with the words, man! You're that good! I started because of you and I can still learn a lot while I read your stuff! Keep it up!

Psssssssttttt......how you doing?

Oh my, I just read your blog posts, and I can't imagine how you feel. I just started Year 9 and my GCSE exams, and it was a major jump in terms of workload (and stress!).

P.S. If you haven't tried already, try listening to classical, or chillstep music; it helps me calm down usually.

Hi I'm a fan (duh) just wanted to see if you are doing well. If so then I hope you are happy and continue to be happy. If not then there isn't much that I can say than, I pray things will get better and hope that life will treat you better than it is now. Best hope and wishes from a loyal fan.

En serio adoro tus historias, son muy buenas y tambiƩn a sido una gran forma para practicar mi ingles :) quisiera poder seguir leyendo tus trabajos mas adelante (me da vagancia escribir en ingles).

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