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Considering name change · 5:48am Jan 30th, 2013

I'm considering changing the name of my story from Grand Illusions to The Two Pretenders or something of that nature. If I'm honest, I'm hoping that a title and/or description tweak could make the story more attractive to those who haven't read it yet. Do you guys think that the current description is weak, and how do you feel about the title?

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are you still continuing Grand Illusions?

You don't always follow writers on Fimfiction, but when you do you follow IRpony. :moustache:

Thanks for the watch. It's always appreciated and I'll be sure to keep doing what I'm doing. :trollestia:

You've got the greatest avatar ever made :pinkiegasp:

I actually love the title. It fits perfectly with not only the story, but with the characters. In a weird way it even makes me think how romantic it is. I'm sure u may come up with better names, but just note this readers likes the one it already has. Don't know about the rest of them readers though :twilightblush:

You've got some good stuff going on here. Keep up the writing.

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