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A promise kept. · 12:51am Dec 9th, 2012

Years ago I was in possession of a Pokemon Sapphire cartridge. I had manage to beat the elite 4 and caught Rayquaza, I thought the game had nothing more to give me when I runned across Latias. It took me a long time to catch her (and a lot of reset!) but I did! Then came Pokemon Hero...Needless to say, I was quite disrupt over Latios death and how the movie ended (Altoshipping all the way across the sky guys!) And so I made a promise to my game Latias that I would get her brother back.

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317181 Not a problem. I'm glad to help.

317177 That would be great too:pinkiehappy: Thank.

317138 Well, I'm not sure about proofreading but I can help you with the direction of your story by bouncing ideas back and forth via PMs.

316149 Yes I am interested in your help. I only need to know what kind of help you can offer me. A proof reader would be nice tough!

I think I can help you with your story. The question is: are you interested?

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