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Hi! I'm some guy who flails at a keyboard and then suddenly has popular changeling fanfiction. If anybody finds out how I did it, please tell me.


This story is a sequel to My Little Changeling: Friendship is Weird

After the most important changeling artifact, the Evershifting Stone, is stolen by ponies, one changeling is blamed and exiled. How can he earn back his place in the hive? Find the thief and bring back the Stone.

He tracks the thieves all the way to Canterlot, which has changed a surprising amount in the past year and a half. Can he really find a thief among the confusing mess that is pony life and changeling integration?


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Not long after the failed changeling invasion of Canterlot, Queen Chrysalis and one of her subjects go to the small town of Ponyville, trying to regain their past glory, which they so humiliatingly lost.

If only Queen Chrysalis would explain her plan.

Written for Equestria Daily's fifth flash fiction event.

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One night in the changeling hive, a soldier attempts to sleep, and forget the failed Canterlot invasion. Something is intent on keeping him up.

Written for Equestria Daily's Memorial Day weekend flash fiction event.

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A dragon suddenly takes up residence near Ponyville. Cirrus Cloud, an ordinary pegasus living in Ponyville who has trouble making friends, ends up meeting it through a strange series of events.

It turns out the dragon is mute, and somehow, Cirrus Cloud manages to befriend it. But how does one be friends with a mute dragon?

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This story is a sequel to Thrown Abroad

After the events of Thrown Abroad, Suncloak the changeling is happily living in Ponyville. Well, sort of. He needs the love of friendship to stay alive! Luckily, there's plenty of ponies who would want to be friends with him. But let's not forget about other changelings here...

You know, this would be a lot easier if the whole concept of friendship wasn't so needlessly difficult.


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A single changeling is blamed for making Chrysalis' plan to take over Equestria fail. He's banished and thrown out of the hive, ending up somewhere far away.

Luckily, he ends up not too far from a certain well-known village, where he can feed to his heart's content.

Needless to say, not everything goes according to plan.


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