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The idea is, that this group should act as a feed-based recommendation service with an option to browse stories in shelves. Not very active anymore!

Here's how it works:
- The only person who has rights to add stories is me. This means that the quality should be consistent and the group will not fall into the self-promotion category like many others.
- I add fics as I read them, it will not spam your feed.
- There are only two folders and I do not categorise, which makes looking for something specific virtually impossible. This is solved by providing links to my bookshelves where you can search with filters of your choice.

The group is active for as long as I am. When in doubt, just check my profile.

High quality fics: Casual recommendations
Epics: Serious recommendations

This should be your go-to shelf since it has wider, much more filter-friendly selection.

Crème de la crème "Must reads"

This should be your go-to folder when searching for good fics in the group.

Despite the name of this group, Crème - and particularly one of its sub-folders, Epics - is the folder I consider most important. Granted, not all Epics make Must Reads; but the line between the two is extremely fine and every story in Epics is something I would (and did) recommend without hesitation.

Do you think some of my recommendations do not deserve the place on pedestal I gave them? Do you have ideas on how to improve the group? Anything is open for discussion!
I am always grateful for some insightful constructive criticism.

Feel free to PM me for/with recommendations.
But fair warning: If the story is longer than 30K words, I can't promise anything.

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