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II TrailBlazer II

«—< Límon Con Sémon >—»

Los Pegasus, Coltifornia.
You get it?

Find me on Xbuck360: l TrailBlazer l (<These are lowercase L)

II TrailBlazer II's Apartment back in Los Pegasus

Los Pegasus = Los Angeles
*Used In Roleplay*

¥ Rules of Chat. ¥
PM= Privately talking
Chat= At my apartment.(chat on someponys page is at their apartment)
Chat on stories or groups= In general talk.


My OC's (update) · 1:24am Sep 25th, 2013

So this Blog is where I will catalog all my OC's.

...Will be updates...

Lets get started.

II TrailBlazer II (Thanks to GrapeParfait for the pic)

Gender: Stallion
Race: Unicorn
Color: People say Gold, But I like to think its Tan, or a mix. Mane is Brown with Blue.

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