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Murder McKillingSpree

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Thanks for the fave!

Thank you for faving Of Heaven and Earth.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding "Dawn" to your favourites. I hope you'll continue to enjoy it. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave:twilightsmile:

Heyooo! I got a question for the person in charge here. Where did you get your name? I ask because I'm writing a fic, and in order to fill in a gap, I needed to remember which fic I read that had the name Murder McKillingSpree. It went on about a human (or a human-->pony) asking a pony why they can't tell a pony's profession from just their name. It went like:

Human: "I got a hypothetical question: who murdered Murder McKillingspree's neighbor?"

And the pony couldn't figure it out. Which fic was this?

P.S. Sorry if I'm not descriptive, and also sorry if I'm coming off as some random person :pinkiecrazy:

  • Viewing 66 - 70 of 70
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