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Just a dude. Writes horsewords... with varying regularity.

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This is where I'll put commissions when/if I decide to start accepting them. Right now, I'm trying to determine a good way to accept payment for said commissions. Keep an eye peeled on my blog, as I'll put more notifications there when/if I open these up.

About me.

Hello there! I'm Loyal, author of pony erotica and smut-slinger extraordinaire! To new fans: Welcome, and I hope you find something worthwhile here. To old fans: Welcome back!

I'm a pretty open guy. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail anytime:
Or hit me up on Skype:
Just be sure to tell me who you are and why you're talking to me. Otherwise, you're like to get ignored. :P

I'd go on to explain more about myself here, but there's really no point. Just get to know me. Read my blog, check out my stories, or go about your merry way. It makes little difference to me, my friends. I just hope your time here wasn't wasted...

And if you found something you like, all the better.

Have a good one,

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I absolutely loved Archmage and added it favourites to honor Loyal.

I'm awfully sad. I was wondering why all the sequels were cancelled only to find out that this esteemed Author, "Jordan Williams" has taken his own life. So very sad.

Do not go gentle into that good night...and thank you Jordan, for all you have shared.

It was a damn shame to see you go. Goodbye, and thanks for all the words

Not that anyone will be checking on these, i just now remembered how i knew you, you wrote "Moonstone"which in all honesty, one of the best fics i've ever read, there was so much emotion in at the end that the long haul from all those chapters quite literally had me bawling in tears. If i ever go on holiday you can best bet i will come visit you if i'm in the area. This has now imprinted your name into my heart given the immense amount of respect i have for you. May you rest well my friend and I genuinely hope you're having fun up there.

I really truly wish i remembered from where i followed you, reading the tragic news has quite literally shocked me, though noe you live in freelance in equestria with everypony, never a fun tike when one leaves us in such a tragic way, i understand what you'd have been going through, we all love you through and through, and i'll make sure that if i ever somehow end up near where you rest iwill pay my respect.

  • Viewing 105 - 109 of 109
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