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Twilight's transfer from Crystal Prep hasn't exactly gone over that smoothly. She's terribly closeted and hates branching out to other things. Her interests lie in pen, paper, and books. So what is it that can bring all of those things together into one sociable, friendship-buidling (or destroying) activity?

Caverns and Critters, a fantasy tabletop game.

Sunset Shimmer has her reservations, but Twilight seems to enjoy building these fantasy worlds for them, and all of the other girls are enjoying themselves as well (even Fluttershy and Rarity, surprisingly enough.) Far be it from her to deny her friends their indulgence, and if she's being perfectly honest with herself, all the talk of magic and kingdoms and fantasy errata has her pining for Equestria and her old life.


Rated Teen for mild language, violence, and thematic elements.


I'm sure Gygax is rolling in his grave, but I felt a Dungeons and Dragons analog in Equestria Girls needed to be done. Because let's face it, what else do high school juniors do with their free time?

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Well, this certainly looks interesting...definite fav

Because let's face it, what else do high school juniors do with their free time?

going by the manga nana to kaoru ... uhm something you know quite well that has NOTHING to do with pen and paper (maybe with roleplay XD)

“Playing music to control the hearts and minds of thousands only sounds awesome.”

Ladies and gentlemen Pinkie the Siren.

Love NTK. Apparently they did an anime adaptation.

I like it so far!

It's kind of nice that Pinkie isn't a bard, actually.

It sounds like they're playing 3rd edition - are they starting at first level?

6738793 hmm i think i've seen a bit of it somewhere, but i just like the manga more.

anyway, about the chapter ... awesome, and so stereotypical for roleplayers hehehe !?
also, can you start the next one with "roll for initiative" pretty please ?


1st level, 3.5. It's the one I personally have the most experience with, so it's most comfortable for me.

Twilight staring over the GM screen is giving my Gendo Ikari visions... Looking good and definitely follow worthy. Hoping to see more soon.

Einstein:God does not play dice with the universe.
Hawking:God not only plays dice, theyre often thrown where they cant be seen.
Gygax:Roll for initiative.

I played 3.5 years ago, have Players manual etc, mainly look at Pathfinder and algorithms these days for working out decent combat options etc, used to have a wizard with 18 strength. Could do more damage wwith iron shod staff as a club, than could with Magic Missile. :twilightoops:

Just be glad Pinkie didnt go for Bard. In Pathfinder at least, at first level, then moving to another class in multiclassing, she could get Unnatural Lust as a spell. just think of the cafeteria, sorry, tavern scenes.:pinkiecrazy:

Sunset could honestly say she had heard of the game, but aside from whatever she’d seen on the news about demonic cults and overblown parental reactions to the occult content of the game, she knew nothin

This was my parents (dad mostly). Freaked out once whe I told him I was playing D&D with some friends.


Can't wait for more! Out of curiosity is this gonna be on that over-the-internet campaign you did awhile back?

Oh jeez, the timing. A group of buddies and I just started a D&D campaign (I'm completely new to it) This should be a fun read about the girls misadventures as I have my own. I'm intrested to see Flutters build since I'm running a Druid. Although our hyper-holy cleric (but not the pally) has taken some issue with my "i don't worship your gods" thing.


Have a fav.

aside from whatever she’d seen on the news about demonic cults and overblown parental reactions to the occult content of the game

Obligatory, :moustache:

so you all don’t roll six fighters.

I still say there's something to be said for a walking wall of platemail and swords, :trixieshiftright:

I’m playing a human fighter.

I would laugh but in like half my games I end up doing this and taking a few levels in rogue because no one else wants to, :raritydespair:

Hey! Cleaving is important!

Truuuuuuuuth... :eeyup:

Sunset sighed and sat down in the last seat, pulling her own character sheet out. And with it, a spell sheet.


One word, Sunset: FIREBALL, :pinkiecrazy:

This is off to a great start; probably one of the better D&D themed stories I've seen. Looking forward to more! :rainbowdetermined2:

Of course Sunset picked a magic user, she IS one.

Gygax rolling in his grave, huh?

Somehow, Applejack playing a Lawful Stupid Paladin makes perfect sense.
Nobody likes Paladins.

Also, not putting points into Perception and Disable Device as a Rogue? Rarity, you wound me. Tell me she at least threw a few into Stealth.

Heh, as I was reading this the score for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey queued up on Pandora ... talk about timing ...

Now now, AJ could surprise us all and be an actual lawful good paladin instead of the normal pain-in-the-neck knight-templar version we all know and loathe.

My gaming group has discussed the idea of having a party of pure clerics. Between the armor, buffing and healing options, it has a lot of potential for making the GM pull his hair out :pinkiecrazy:

Pinkie ... Unnatural Lust ... the images in my head .... :pinkiecrazy:

every single goddamn game except Vanguard and I can't find a viable crossover plot to do myself *violent sobs but likes anyway*

Oooh~ This should be good! *munches on the popcorn*

“The smooth-talking rogue, eh? That’s good. Though I hope you put some points into spot and disable device.”

“What do you mean by that?” Rarity seemed to pale at the devious look on Twilight’s face.

OH MY GOD!:facehoof:

I've wanted to try at getting into the D&D stuff but when I try the only people I know around move/ disappear, quit work, who knows but I'm always left high and dry still wanting to try.

One guy I knew, his favorite character was banned from further games. It was a half demon soul mage, he watched to much Yu-Yu Hokisho far to hard a hitter and to wide a skill/ability list and then there was the clothing and armor the character had. Apparently one of his favorite things to do was a 75 foot jump straight up with the landing basically being the Hammer of God type thing, walked away without a scratch thanks to skills and armors

Putting this in my read later category, should I be able to fit it in. Oh, speaking of, the comics revealed that ponies have their own version of such: Ogres & Obliettes.

Because let's face it, what else do high school juniors do with their free time?

Do you really want an answer to that? :trollestia:

“Yeah, but I took Endurance and Quick Draw for my first feats.” Dash shrugged. “I wanted weapon focus, but my dad recommended these.”

So... Does Dash's father dislike her or is he pushing her for some of the weirder minmaxed builds? :twilightoops:

She's a new player. He recommended those so she didn't take penalties for sleeping in armor.


One word, Sunset: FIREBALL, :pinkiecrazy:

Lina Inverse ?!

I know involvement from Newbiespud's comic "Friendship is Dragons" when I see it. Seriously, you people should read that comic. It's flipping amazing.

Here's the link to the first comic page.

Three strikers, no controller, and only one leader? The minute swarms of things start to show up they're boned.

Not necessarily. The campaign I'm in right now has 4 strikers and a leader and the DM can't stop us with anything he's thrown at us (including a dragon. This fight consisted of one of the strikers using a knockout poison [save ends] and then wailing on the dragon while the DM complained and failed said saving throws). One of the fighters has optimized himself enough that he deals 200+ damage on a critical hit at level 16.

6741766 Actually, this sounds more like 3.5 than 4... if so, they got the perfect team: the Sorcerer goes AoE on everything that moves, the Druid heals and buffs, the Ranger snipes whoever escapes the Sorcerer's wrath while her and the Druid's pets maul whoever draws too close, the Rogue backstabs anyone who is stupid enough to get flanked or not notice her, the Fighter tanks and either plays the Iron Wall (sword-and-board style) or the Swinging Reaper (two-hander style) and the Paladin plays secondary tank and heals when needed (the paladin's anti-evil aura is just frosting on the righteous cake). Classic party.

Pity for Applejack that this isn't a faux-Pathfinder... in Pathfinder everyone loves the Paladin! I mean, Smite Evil is pretty much murder-in-a-can, Lay On Hands is thrice as powerful (and can be turned into the Healing Wave that clerics have), and if she doesn't want the holy mount (horses don't fit easily in a dungeon) she can choose a Holy Blade literally possessed by an Angel... all that and more.

This is indeed 3.5, as I said in a previous comment. I'm more comfortable and familiar with it than Pathfinder.

Caverns and Critters is a far out game.

6741620 That's generally only relevant if the GM in question is being rather spiteful, or at least following the "Gigaxian" "screw your players whatever way you can" style of GMing. Well, I suppose Twi might be that kind of GM I guess, but if so is the case I absolutely pity poor Applejack, who's going to be completely screwed by having chosen to play a Paladin. :trollestia:

Hey, 3.5 paladins had some of the best prestige classes. Paladin of Tyranny? Can cast 'Command Other' as a free action 1xlevel/2 a day?

I may be mis-remembering, but paladins could prestige into some awesome stuff, man.

Paladin of Tyranny is the Chaotic-Evil, sorry, Lawful-Evil paladin variant, but yes; 3.5 has a great deal of flexibility for play style. More so if you start adding home-brew to it. (C/E is Slaughter.)

So long as they're not playing the paladin as "Lawful-Stupid", most people tend to be okay with them.

6741940 I found out that most people who play "lawful stupid" are literally game table trolls. Heck, even the freakin' RULEBOOK says that "when having to choose between lawful and good, the paladin usually chooses good". The one who is classified as "lawful stupid by definition" is the Samurai (there IS a reason why no self-respecting 3.5 player plays a samurai in an oriental campaign, Katanas be damned... they're weak, they have a code of honor that is harsher than a kick in the privates and they have sub-optimal equipment).


Ah, ok. I think it would be funny if Pinkie was a cleric of the party god though.

Comment posted by Void Runner deleted Dec 17th, 2015

Ok... You can definitely tell these girls are /tg/ Virgins... Not a single mention of a bag of crisps or box of Soda... Like, at all... They're going to be very irritable by the time they realize they need to break for takeout...

“Me first!” Dash butted in, practically ripping her character sheet from its folder. “Alright, prepare to be blown away. I’m playing a human fighter.”

Silence again. Even Twilight paused in her distribution efforts, blinking at Rainbow Dash.

You know... I actually see this working out rather well for the group. Some may cast RD as a rogue type, but her tendency to charge in head first would screw with that dynamic royally. On the other hand, I could definitely see her doing Very well as a Dex build at the later levels depending on which feats she takes and how she focuses her weapon skills.

“In keeping with ‘honest Apple family tradition,’ or so Big Mac says…” Applejack pulled her own sheet out, laying it on the table. “Ah made a Paladin.”

“Oh, perfect.” Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. “Please don’t tell me you’re gonna quote scripture like that one guy in my dad’s group.”

You know, I know there's a lotta hate out there for the Pally... I understand why and that much of it is well deserved thanks to the "Palladunces" (as I call them) out there, but I also know that when they're played well they can be some of the most valuable members of any party. Rolling Paladin is more my brother's thing (I like Rangers for their range and versatility), but I know enough to know what to look for. A "Good" paladin remembers that they aren't Just their "Moral Alignment". That being a "Righteous Fighter" doesn't mean you have to abandon all pretense of subtlety or that you need to snipe out every little infraction to the kleptomaniac Chaotic Neutral rogue. Usually an eye-roll will suffice.

I honestly think AJ has it in her to pull it off once they get into the game.

“So I made a rogue.” She smiled demurely, rubbing her sheet flat on the table. “They have the largest skill pool and the most skill points. I’ve focused on diplomacy, mostly.”

“The smooth-talking rogue, eh? That’s good. Though I hope you put some points into spot and disable device.”

It definitely suits her, and being able to talk your way out of various situations has its uses... I was once in a group with a Sorceress with a 20 score in persuade with high Cha. Never failed a persuade/bluff check... The running joke was that she used her boobs to distract everyone.

“My sister said having someone who can track in the wilderness and do damage from a distance is really good to have in the party. I figured I want to help more than I want to hurt, and besides…” She flipped her hair over her shoulder, and Sunset noticed it had returned to its usual fluffy state. “Playing music to control the hearts and minds of thousands only sounds awesome.”

Pinkie... as a bard... Hirk!:rainbowderp:

Thank Luna her sisters talked her out of it! This being Twilight's first time running a game means the campaign likely could not Handle the abuse that would put it through.

So instead she rolls a Ranger. Good versatility. Focus on ranged attacks with a side of wilderness survival, tracking etc... It's also fortunate because Rangers also can have ranks in Spot plus all of their knowledge checks. If she rolled a "Balanced" skill set she can pick up some of the slack left by Rarity focusing so much on Cha during the early levels. Not a perfect solution, but it's better than the alternative.

“Right then, Fluttershy?”

“Let me guess, druid?”

“How did you know?!” Fluttershy pouted, clutching her sheet to her chest. “I worked really hard on this!”

“It’s the one that had the most to do with animals.” Rainbow Dash shrugged, leaning back in her chair with a smug grin. “Sometimes you’re too easy to read.”

With Dash on this one: Saw it coming a mile off. That said, it's not necessarily a bad thing. They don't have a cleric between the six of them but with 'Shy as a Druid and AJ rolling Pally the healing front isn't as much of an issue and it's always nice to have someone running support Melee to keep minions away from the squishier players while the Tanks take on the boss.

“Sorceress.” She groaned. She hated to admit it, but Twilight had been one hundred percent right. Being a part of the magic of the Elements of Harmony, doing all the things she had been doing the past two years, and knowing that magic still existed, made her long for her old home on Equestria. Playing the magic-casting Sorceress class was just another way for her to feel closer to home.

And we have our arcane support, though depending on how she levels "Glass Canon" may or may not necessarily apply. Greater variety of castable spells plus more spells per day compared to the Wizard but at the cost of being less versatile outside of their immediate arcane abilities. Now that I think of it I guess that Sunset would be the Sorcerer to Twilight's Wizard...

Calling Future roles/behaviors now:

Rainbow Dash is This Guy
Apple Jack is "The Role Player"
Pinkie Pie is "The Munchkin" (but not necessarily the bad kind)
Rarity is the "Robin hood"
Fluttershy is the Team Mom
And Finally, Sunset is eventually going to be "The Meta Gamer"

It's fortunate that none of them have the personality to completely be "That Guy", but I could still see a few "Moments" occurring here and there as everyone has the potential...

I could also see them branching out into different games once this campaign is over such as this worlds equivalent of Shadowrun, Deadlands, Call/Trial of Cthulhu or even Warhammer Fantasy/40K.

Not gonna lie, I'm already hoping you go serial with this, eventually have them roll alts and stuff.

We may or may not see the bard come out from Pinkie in the future...
And she may or may not be a bear.

Am I in the room yet? Does anyone want some chips? Where's the Mountain Dew?

Caverns & Critters? Cool. I know they go with Ogres & Oubliettes in the comics, but it's nice to see the EG ver- wait...


Dungeons & Dragons, Ogres & Oubliettes, Caverns & Critters... D&D, O&O, C&C... just, mix it up a bit and....


*This message brought to you by the number 1! When you have to fumble, roll a 1 on a d20! The Dungeon Master will thank you for it!*

As a fan of the D&D games and novels I can say this: OH HECK YEAH! LET THERE BE ADVENTURE AND FRIENDS!:twilightsmile:

For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? No, I think the abbreviation for that is OCD. I cannot, off the top of my brain-box, think of a medical term derived from CDO.

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